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Business: The 4 Secrets to a Successful Construction Project

By Michael Sedgwick Launching a new venture is bound to be a little daunting, whether you are a rising entrepreneur or a seasoned professional. However, there are some actions you can take to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible, which is why we are offering some top tips to read for a successful […]

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Promote Your Business with Custom Printed Mugs

By Joseph Webb Custom printed mugs are considered to be extraordinary approach for promoting your business, occasion or group! Custom printed mugs for your merchants, meeting rooms, tradeshows or so on can be done in minutes. Mug Printing is basic and a fast process which additionally makes it an efficient option when you want to […]

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Top 6 Fundraising Ideas for a Community Group

By Jim Thompson In their never-ending pursuit of money, community groups are often tempted to use one method to raise all their funds. However, if your group fails to diversify its base of funding, it might be ignoring the fundamental parts of sustainability. Diversifying your funding sources means that the damage suffered when one of […]

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Steve Jobs: Great Entrepreneur, or Vain Egoist?

“You’re good. You’re damn good. But you’re an asshole.” These words, spoken by Steve Jobs’ boss at Atari, ring perhaps the most true of all the things said about one of the major technocratic heroes of the later 20th century. But was Jobs really a hero? In Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs, Hollywood takes a look at a man […]

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Joseph Isaacs: Q and A with Buzz Pop Cocktails CEO

With winter coming up, many are looking for a way to stay warm, yet be cool at the same time. Thanks to the choice of many adult beverages and cocktails this holiday season ranging from vodka, champagne, wine and beer, one has many options on how to get their alcoholic fix. If you are looking […]

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5 Reasons You Need To Improve Your Business Writing Skills to Succeed

By Gloria E. Kopp Effective communication is essential if you want to get ahead at work. Many people feel that writing skills aren’t as important as they used to be, but that isn’t the case. if you want to get noticed at work, you need to work on them. It is possible to improve them […]

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Jessica Rivard: Q and A With Fitness Model, MMA Ring Girl and TaylorFitFL Owner/CEO

With temperatures dropping and fall now in season, the desire to get in shape is greater than ever, as the weather outside gets colder. Naturally, the motivation to stay fit tends to wane because of the mercury dropping and people naturally wanting to stay inside, causing those who do want to work out to not […]