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Tech: Telegram as a Powerful Tool for Enhancing Your Business

If you want your business to develop ahead of schedule, you need to keep in steps with the times. This means that you should never stop looking for new ways of promoting your product. The popularity of all types of mobile solutions gives a lot of new opportunities. And one of them is using mobile […]

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Benefits of Getting Cheap Server Rack Space

By Lucy Jones If you can get cheap server rack space to house your servers, you stand to gain many economic advantages. With the help of cheap server rack space, you get the chance to store your networking equipments and servers in the rack space belonging to some other party. This is made possible in […]

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Tech: The Link between Technology and Gaming

The history of video games goes back to 1947. Ever since then, computer games have changed considerably in terms of technological, social, and economic sense. All these changes happened because of “technology”. Sometimes games gave way to technology, and sometimes technology showed the way for games. But these two systems have always supported each other. […]

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Social Media: Best link building tactics

Backlinks of high quality are very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These links are a prerequisite to rank in competitive search and acquire organic traffic from Google. But there is a large confusion regarding quality of links. Here are 3 widely asked questions: ● How to build links that improve search performance? ● How […]

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How to Pave Your Own Path to Becoming a Data Recovery Specialist

Ever since the introduction of computers and technology, thousands of businesses have come up. It is obvious that businesses and organizations across the globe are using computers for their efficiency and overall productivity, right? But because the systems used may not be perfect, some hiccups like data loss, equipment repairs and network insecurity may rise […]

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11 Cyber Security Risks Every Business Should Prepare For [Visual Guide]

By James Patterson In September 2016, tech company, Yahoo, disclosed that 500 million user accounts had been hacked in 2014. In December of the same year, they released a statement saying that a separate breach in 2013 compromised more than 1 billion accounts. Security experts have criticized the former internet giant for not taking the […]

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Tech: The Boldest Video Gaming Trends for 2018 Revealed

The latest Tokyo Games Show took the gaming world by surprise when Sony Interactive Entertainment announced many of its upcoming releases at a press conference while it was also confirmed that Final Fantasy 9 will soon be available for PS4 in Japan. Great video gaming developers like Sony obviously will be making the headlines long […]