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Tech: Everything You Need To Know About Big Data

In recent years, our vocabulary has been expanded by words and phrases that are already part of our usual jargon. Terms like “the Internet of things “or” Big Data ” do not sound like Chinese to a person who makes regular use of the Internet. Based on the definition provided by Wikipedia, it can be […]

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Gadgets: Golf Rangefinders vs. GPS Watches!

In the sport of golf, whether you play seriously or just for fun, you’ll often see bits of technology out on the course. One of the most popular technological helpers come in the form of GPS watches and rangefinders. Being able to identify distances is important to the sport of golf. Some people are pretty […]

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Social Media: The New Snapchat Update, How To Use It And What’s Going To Happen

One of the most popular social networks – Snapchat recently had a new update. Its biggest redesign since the app launched in 2011. Not everyone is happy about this change. What’s going to happen? Few weeks back, the tech company split the app into two sections. Friend content is consolidated on the left side, and […]

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Tech: The Advantages Of Call Tracking For Your Business

Social media websites enable businesses to reach out to a broad online audience. These online platforms help small business ventures to establish an online presence and compete with established companies to capture a target market. To learn more about their online audience, businesses make use of live chat, online forms, online surveys, and other online […]

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Tech: Top Trends In Mobile App Development In The 21st Century

Mobile and app development on the web are impressive when they are new and more user-friendly to make an effective impact on activity in daily life. Making impressive and considerate mobile app development is easy when the right kind of tools are used applying certain technology to make it. Because of an increasing amount of […]

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Top Benefits of Real-Time Tracking for Public Transport (Infographic)

An efficient public transportation system often indicates how well a city is performing. That is why more and more city public transportation companies nowadays invest in different technologies in order to achieve maximum efficiency in their fleets and provide their customers – the commuters – with a reliable, convenient, and safe ride. One of the […]

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Public Domain vs. Private Domain—What To Choose?

Having a registered domain name is a prerequisite when starting an e-commerce store. A domain name is a sequence of letters separated by periods (“.”) that point to a unique IP address. This address is what identifies your website from every other website on the Internet. When you register a domain name, you own that […]