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Entertainment: With Cinema Prices Skyrocketing, Stay In And Check Out Our Movie Calendar For Free! (Interactive)

With cinema prices spiking in the last few years, Brits are beginning to favour watching movies at home. In light of this, Carphone Warehouse has developed The Massive Movie Calendar – an interactive tool which provides a film suggestion for every day of the year. With each movie suggestion linked in some way to a […]

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Movies: 10 Things About The Matrix You Never Knew!

The Matrix is an iconic movie that presented the world with ideas that were previously unimagined. I was sitting last night on my couch, and I wanted to shake all the stress off from the week’s hectic routine, and chose to re-watch this iconic movie. Thanks to my Xfinity internet and its reliability and high […]

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Culture: Top 5 Movies That Will Give You Motivation for Learning

Have you ever tried to find the effective way to be motivated, being enthusiastic about your studying every single day? It’s a very frequently-asked question, isn’t it? Nowadays, every student across the world feels a lot of pressure and faces difficulties while studying. Every day students must read a lot of books, write many research […]

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Ready Player One Movie Review: Why It Is A Pop Culture Explosion!

The world of Ernest Cline’s “Ready Player One” novel is full of popular culture references and callbacks that to get them all, footnotes need added for some chapters. For the long-awaited movie adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg, you will need multiple viewings to catch them all. Thankfully, the story that serves as the main skeleton […]

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Entertainment: The True Impact Of The Huge Disney & 21st Century Fox Merger (Infographic)

Disney’s takeover of 21st Century Fox means that they now control a huge amount of everyone’s most beloved films and TV series. The move was announced in December 2017 and is projected to take until around 2021 to complete. A staggering $66.1bn deal, this merger (that includes taking on a large amount of Fox’s debt) […]

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Black Panther Movie Review: Did It Pull Punches?

Marvel Studios track record since the start of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe has had very few low points. Critics did not exactly fall in love with one of the movies (The Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton), and since most of the MCU is now under the control of the Walt Disney empire, there seems […]

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Entertainment: The Best Disney Couples of All Time (Infographic)

By John Valentina Love in Disney movies is always so perfect. In real life, things sometimes aren’t as easy and over the years Disney movies have made us long for finding someone just as special in our own lives. The love can be between frogs, lions, or foxes but it’s still all so relatable! This […]

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I Recognize This Bar! — Pubs From Films You Can Visit!

By Stephen Kellie There are so many pubs across the UK which have featured in films that can actually be visited. Enjoy a drink at a place that may give you a case of déjà vu by visiting any of these establishments in a list compiled by expert LPG suppliers to pubs, Flogas: The Royal […]

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Entertainment: The Most Expensive TV Shows of All Time (Infographic)

By Drew Burstein It isn’t cheap to make an episode of your favourite show every week. This infographic from Frame Your TV takes you through how much it costs to keep you entertained. Take, for example, Game of Thrones, the most talked about show at the moment. For seasons 5 and 6, the main stars […]

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Dive Into the World of Gambling with These Overlooked Movies

Some oppose it, others embrace it, and many consider it a great way to have fun – but not many are left indifferent by gambling. Some people consider it the trade of the Devil himself. Others think of it as a fascinating pastime, part forbidden fruit, part exciting entertainment. Many people know it casually, playing […]