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Hip Hop: Jay-Z signs longtime rival, Fat Joe to Roc Nation. Do we get a collab next?

It took some time for wounds and pride to heal but finally, almost everything in Hip Hop is where it belongs. The news was just announced Thursday that rivals, Jay-Z and Fat Joe have put their decade-long beef to bed and joined forces. What this means is that Hip Hop heads can finally rejoice that […]

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Hit ‘Em Up by Tupac is still the hardest diss song in Hip-Hop history

Hip-Hop is a battle zone, well it use to be. Nowadays it’s about money and marketing and less about the skills on the mic. If you have a tight beat and a nice hook you are guaranteed airplay. But back in the days, it wasn’t about rotation spins or plaques. Hip-Hop artist did it for […]

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Hip-Hop: Remy Ma and Young M.A. must do collab album

Almost 20 years ago there were rumors of a possible Hip-Hop collab between two artists that would have changed the landscape of the game. It wasn’t the talk of Jay Z and Biggie dropping an album but it was directed towards their proteges, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. At the time they were the two dominating […]

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Hip-Hop: Why Eminem must sign Young M.A

14 years ago Hip-Hop was forever changed when Eminem took a chance on a rapper that everyone turned their backs on. When Eminem and Dr.Dre signed 50 Cent no one knew what to expect, not even the two Hip-Hop heavyweights. What 50 was able to do to the rap game then is the same that […]

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Hip-Hop: Why Slaughterhouse is the greatest group ever

Hip-Hop has had its fair share of solid groups throughout its history. N.W.A., The L.O.X., Brand Nubian, Wu-Tang Clan and┬ámuch more. Now, when many view group I mean at least a groups with 3 or 4 MC’s, not an RUN-DMC,┬áPete Rock and CL Smooth or A tribe Called Quest. Nowadays it’s hard to get guys […]

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Hip-Hop: Eminem and Redman album finally on the way?

For years Eminem and Redman have shared a close bond and for years fans have wondered if we would ever get another song or maybe an entire album of the two Hip-Hop heavyweights. With Eminem rumored to have an album on the way in 2017 could this be the year we finally get our wish? […]