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“Dark Sky Paradise” Album Review: Big Sean Drops Best Project Yet

Detroit native Big Sean’s third album “Dark Sky Paradise” is a take on his fame and all that comes with it.  The good and the bad. Talent wise, Big Sean has all the goods and he’s shown that in appearances leading up to this album. Big Sean has proven that he can hang with the […]

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“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” Album Review: Drake’s Artistic Growth Seemingly Stunted

During the hype surrounding NBA All Star weekend in New York City, the Toronto Raptors’ celebrity ambassador, Drake, decided to drop a mixtape. “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” is supposedly a collection of “throw away tracks” that Drake has compiled onto one project. Drake’s success has come with a lot of controversy amongst […]

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Non-Fiction Album Review: Ne-Yo Proves He Is The Truth

Ne-Yo is one of today’s most gifted song-writers / music artists. If he isn’t writing a new hit for himself, he is no doubt writing them for others. The man collects more royalty checks in a year than most artists do in a lifetime.  It hasn’t even been a decade since he released his first album “In […]

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Rebel Heart Album Review: Madonna Tries Too Hard To Be Cool

Madonna is a pop music icon. Without Madonna, there is no Britney Spears, no Lady Gaga and you can make the argument there is no Rihanna either. Madonna is known for her brash and unapologetic ways.  She has never been shy about her sexuality or her vulnerabilities – and has made hit records while being notoriously […]

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Sam Smith: Why He Is Music’s Newest Superstar

Sam Smith is sitting at the top of the music world. After winning big at the Grammy Awards last night, Smith has become one of the most recognizable names in American pop culture. Smith, whose four Grammy Awards included Record of the Year and Best New Artist, wasn’t afraid to give credit to those that […]

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Kid Ink goes “Full Speed” in Newest Release

It was nearly a year ago that Kid Ink dropped the album “My Own Lane” which had the hit singles “Show Me” and “Main Chick.” Both songs are still getting played on the radio but Kid Ink must believe in striking while the iron is hot, because he has prepared his newest album “Full Speed.” Kid Ink’s […]

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Tetsuo and Youth Album Review: Lupe Among Lyrical Elite

Lupe Fiasco has had an interesting ride in his career.  In the early goings he was looked upon by many to be “the next big thing.”  He is without a doubt one of the more lyrical rappers of the last decade and has a confident approach on the microphone. He has worked with the best in […]