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Top 5 Hip-Hop Movies of All Time

Hip-Hop is a way of life. For those that love the music, it has become a part of our soul. The same can be said for movie lovers as well. But what happens when the two combine? For decades Hip-Hop and their audience have taken a liking to Hollywood and the other way around. For […]

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Eminem: Rap’s Greatest influence.

Of the industry legends, few and far between have the success of Eminem. Even if he’s not brought up as one of the all-time greats, there’s no denying his success. He’s one of the best-selling rappers of all time. He holds the current record for fasting selling rap album of all time (The Marshall Mothers […]

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Hip-Hop: How Jay Z lied to us, then became the Blueprint to success

It wasn’t supposed to go this long. Just one album and back to the streets. That was the plan Jay Z had when it come to this Hip-Hop ish. Now, as we reflect back on those words, we must think; ” Where would Hip-Hop be if he meant what he spoke”? I for one truly […]

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Hip-Hop: The Hood reason why Roc-A-Fella Records crumbled

For years the Hip-Hop community has put out endless rumors about why the Roc-A-Fella Records empire crumbled right before our eyes. But I am here to explain to you in non-XXL or The Source talk how we saw the downfall coming, if someone would’ve spoken up it would’ve been avoided. To begin with, Dame Dash […]

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Hip-Hop: Tupac’s All Eyez On Me movie finally has a release date

Finally. All Eyez On Me has another release date after two failed attempts. Whatever the reasons was for the first failed attempts it seems they have finally got their act together. The world has waited for this movie, it’s time. After so many delays, I’m just glad that we finally get to see all the hard word […]

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Hip-Hop: Kanye West needs to escape the limelight

For years the media has portrayed Hip-Hop artist, Kanye West as some egotistical, selfish, crazy and often weird person. But the truth of the matter is, we have no idea who West really is. To many of us, we see West as a genius. His talent is either behind a soundboard or a microphone. When I […]