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Entertainment Rumors: Could Christoph Waltz Take A Villainous Turn In Bond 24?

When Daniel Craig returns to the screen in the guise of James Bond, he may be facing off against a formidable two-time Oscar winner. According to Variety, Christopher Waltz is in talks to play the part of the yet to be identified villain. Personally, this writer cannot wait to see what they have in store […]

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Entertainment News: Fantastic Four Reboot to Recreate the Origin of Doctor Doom

  It has been apparent from day one that the Fantastic Four reboot was not going to the same old hero quartet. Now a new change has emerged regarding the iconic villain of Dr. Doom. The character will be given a different origin than fans are familiar with. But no real spoilers, as to what […]


Entertainment: Matt Damon is Bourne Again, Jason Bourne

Matt Damon’s return to the role of Jason Bourne has always been contingent on one factor, the return of director Paul Greengrass as director. Of course, the only way to get Greengrass to come back to direct another Jason Bourne film would be to find a story and a reason to bring the character of […]

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Big Hero 6 Review: Hiro is His Name, Hero is What He Becomes

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” Regardless of whether you prefer The Beatles or Joe Cocker, these words could very well be the mantra of our main character, Hiro. Hiro is a bit of a miscreant, and as something of a robotics prodigy he loves to hustle illegal underground bot fights. […]

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Entertainment Rumors: Is Jon Bernthal Joining Suicide Squad?

Hot on the heels of rumors involving Jared Leto being sought to play The Joker, new rumors are popping up for potential Suicide Squad casting. Jon Bernthal may have inadvertently created a little bit of a buzz about his possible involvement with DC’s Suicide Squad. ComicBook.Com reports that during an appearance at Wizard World Comic […]

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Entertainment: Margot Robbie to portray Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

The possibility of The Joker appearing in DC’s Suicide Squad may have likely just become written in stone. What could lead me to think that? Maybe it’s due to the fact that they have just cast the part of The Clown Prince of Crime’s biggest fan and groupie, Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie had been mentioned […]

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Entertainment Rumors: Is Jai Courtney a dead cert for Deadshot?

Lately the rumor mill has been busy turning out casting rumors for Warner Bros. live action adaptation of DC’s Suicide Squad. The latest one to emerge concerns Jai Courtney, who will be portraying Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genisys when it hits theaters July 1st 2015. According to a report from Variety, Courtney may be up […]