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Deadpool 2: Could Hugh Jackman/Wolverine Cameo?

There are a handful of actors who are the perfect fits for the superhero roles they play in the plethora of comic book based movies. Robert Downey Jr. nails it as Tony Stark and Iron Man. Chris Evans is great in the role of Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America. More recently, Ryan Reynolds […]

the blacklist
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The Blacklist: Will Dembe be the one to kill Raymond “Red” Reddington?

There’s no way Raymond Reddington is going back to any prison when The Blacklist decides to end its show. The million dollar question is: How will it all end for Red”? I can see Red riding off into the sunset but that can’t happen. He is by far my favorite character on any TV show […]


Who will have a better 2017, Marvel or DC?

The last few years at the Box Office has been dominated by superheroes. While there are two universes taking hold of the big screen, it’s easy to say that Marvel has put quite a distance between them and DC Comics. Last year we witnessed the release of Captain America: Civil War, Batman vs Superman and Doctor Strange […]

James Arthur
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James Arthur Looks To Stake His Claim In American Music

There have been a slew of talented musical artists to emerge from reality television. Some of the more successful acts have come from Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. The most notable American act to emerge from the show was Fifth Harmony, but the U.K. X-Factor has had its share of top musicians emerge in the states.One of […]

Justice League
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Justice League: Will a Green Lantern Show Up?

This week has had it’s fair share of comic book movie news, photo releases, and announcements. The latest of those announcements came via DC on Thursday afternoon. Seemingly out of nowhere, it was announced that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes would be joining theĀ Green Lantern Corps film as screenwriters. This was the first major announcement […]

shay mitchell
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Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell will debut Reality Show, Shades of Shay in 2017

With the ending of Pretty Little Liars in 2017, Shay Mitchell will begin to set her sights elsewhere. It’s reported that Mitchell will star in her own Reality TV show, Shades of Shay in 2017. The show will follow Mitchell’s journey after the completion of the hit series. It will feature Mitchell at home and her […]

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Hit ‘Em Up by Tupac is still the hardest diss song in Hip-Hop history

Hip-Hop is a battle zone, well it use to be. Nowadays it’s about money and marketing and less about the skills on the mic. If you have a tight beat and a nice hook you are guaranteed airplay. But back in the days, it wasn’t about rotation spins or plaques. Hip-Hop artist did it for […]