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The Defenders: Claire has no powers but she’s the most important character

With men and women surrounding her with powers, it’s hard to stand there and play the damsel-in-distress role. For much of the solo Defenders shows, that’s pretty much been the stance that Claire has taken. In Daredevil she was introduced as the nurse who stitched up Matt. She nearly fell in love with him but decided to […]

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Survivor Game Changers: A View From A Fan (“Survivor Jackpot”)

Survivor’s second episode saw even more twists to change the game more than it already has. The most notable change was the switching of the tribes. They didn’t just swap buffs, they went from two tribes to three. With that came the introduction of the Tavua tribe, who basically had to start their own camp […]

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Must-play games: Forza Horizon 3

One of the hardest style games to get into for me is racing. Too many racing games are cookie cutter copies of the previous one. Now I’m not a huge fan of racing games, I’ll admit. However, if they’re even the slightest bit fun I can play for hours. I’ve been so bored with racing, […]

the blacklist
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The Blacklist: The reason why Samar and Aram will never work as a couple

For all the things that we can say that The Blacklist is, I never expected to reference it with shows like Friends or Frasier. Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington is an international gangster, and the rest of the cast is full-blown shoot first killers or agents but there is a tension brewing that needs to be addressed. […]

grey's anatomy
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Grey’s Anatomy: It was Jackson all along holding their relationship hostage

We finally got it. It took more than half the season but our questions were answered in Who Is He (And What Is He To You)? Since season 13 started we wondered if Jackson and April would come to their senses and get their marriage or whatever kind of love they had back on track. […]

iron fist
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Did Iron Fist have the best Marvel storyline on Netflix?

Nowadays, TV shows are so watered down that every time you turn a channel you see the same storylines, mirrored characters and recycled jokes. We still watch because that’s what we’re programmed to do, we love to be entertained. Some shows are there to make you laugh, cry, smile or whatever but in the end, […]

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Arrow: Oliver is in over his head, and only one former teammate can help him

I’ve been waiting for this episode. The one where the writers bring it full circle. ‘Checkmate’ has been the best that we’ve so far in season 5 and for so many reasons. The main reason is that for a split second we caught a glimpse of the old Oliver, the one that first put on […]