Pretty Little Liars: Could there be a Emily, Alison spinoff in the works?

With a little over a week left until the Pretty Little Liars 7B season starts the cast took to the Paleyfest Panel and tried their best to not let out any secrets about the upcoming final 10 episodes or the future. However, one of the cast members may have spilled the beans on a possibility that drove the crowd wild.

When a fan asked as about the possibility of an Emison spinoff, Shay Mitchell replied ““Would you guys be interested in seeing that?”. That was enough to drive the fans insane. But what does that mean for Alison and Emily storylines as the show comes to a close? If there are talks of a spinoff that feature the two actresses then that means that both have survived ‘Uber A’.

Then, to add more optimism to their union, show creator, I. Marlene King went on to say this.

“Alison sort of hasn’t dealt with her sexuality, and these [remaining] episodes are about Alison trying to figure out what her sexuality is — and Emily plays a big part of that,”

It’s all speculation but it shows how much fans have turned around in terms of their interest in ‘Mean Girl’ Alison. At first, she was Public Enemy No.1 but after she came back to Rosewood, she seemed to be a bit softer and kinder. As far as her relationship with Emily, they are one of my favorites as you can see in this link.

If the producers of Pretty Little Liars could pull this spinoff together it will give the fans and the supporters of the LGBTQ community a show with substance instead of the cruel back-handed jokes we see on TV today. As for the fans of PLL and most notably, Emison it will give us more time to spend with a couple that we’ve secretly had a crush on for years.

There was no denying the attraction that Emily had for Alison yet it may have taken Ali a while to realize her feelings for Em. At the conclusion of 7A we finally got to see Ali and Em together and it just made sense. However, there is still the mystery of the father to Alison’s baby that she’s carrying. Now, with this being PLL there is no concrete proof that the child has a father. Remember when Emily donated her eggs for money then they went missing? Now Alison is pregnant.

The final 10 will feature a lot of scenes with Alison and Emily as they explore the possibility of a relationship but with the way Shay posed that question, it’s almost a sure bet they end up together in the end.


The Walking Dead: The Calm Before the Storm for the Season 7 Finale

Next Sunday night, the season finale of Season 7 for The Walking Dead will take place and as expected, it’s the war that has been building up for the last year.

The fight to stay alive and survive is on the horizon. On one side, it’s Negan and “the Saviors,” who have built an army through their community of people and used fear and killing to overpower and take what they want.

On the other side, it’s Rick Grimes and his group. Rick will also likely get the help of the community known as “The Kingdom,” lead by King Ezekial, who have inherited longtime Grimes friends Carol and Morgan, the women’s group from the Oceanside that Tara stumbled upon, and the group of Jadis, another group Rick found to help by offering to trade weapons and supplies for numbers to battle Negan.

This past Sunday, we saw Negan claim another one of Rick’s group in Sasha, who seemed to be on a suicide mission in the previous episode when she infiltrated The Savior’s camp and went gun’s blazing. The episode started out with Sasha nearly being sexually assaulted by one of Negan’s members, David, but Negan himself puts a stop to it when he stuck a knife in his neck and then gave Sasha a choice: join my group or die.

She eventually accepts Negan’s offer, but in the process, she also gets Eugene, who has surrendered himself to the Saviors and Negan, to make her a poison capsule. Eugene thinks Sasha wants to kill herself by taking it, but she might have other plans with it. After all, she did bombard the camp looking to take out the group, as she was one of the many who were on their knees at the Hilltop when Negan played “eenie-meenie-miney-moe” on whose skull he was going to crack with his baseball bat and did so with Abraham and Glenn.

The mind games Negan plays with Sasha enforces his character as the show’s current villain, as while he helps Sasha from being raped in her jail cell, Negan also enforces his power when he takes back the knife that he had left Sasha to kill David when he turned into a zombie. Negan uses his cool demeanor to sweet talk Sasha into thinking she will be safe but also implies that he’s the boss and won’t hesitate to kill her if he has to. Picking Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Negan may have been one of the better choices as far as a character goes because he portrays the Negan character so well, as he can make him the coolest guy in the room and then at the same time, flip the switch and make you hate him.

In the episode before the finale, Rick had a very anti-climatic struggle in getting the women’s group at the Oceanside to turn over their weapons because they wanted them in their fight against the Saviors. In the showdown, Rick convinces them and gains their trust when they take down a group of walkers (zombies). As they take down the zombies, Rick gains even more members to fight the Saviors, who wiped out all of the men from the women’s group in their previous community.

The final scene from the episode sees Rick and his group face to face with one of Negan’s members, Dwight, in a basement/holding cell, in which, he says he wants to help Rick take down Negan. Dwight has had issues with their group, especially Daryl, who tried to lunge at Dwight when he saw him in their building.

The last thing we all see is Rick telling Dwight to get on his knees while pointing his revolver at him, similar to how Negan told all of Rick’s group on the Hilltop to get on their knees. Given the way Rick has been through the entire series, he’s likely going to put Dwight to a test to see if he’s for real as opposed to just killing him. Despite the fact that he’s a key member of Negan’s group, Dwight also resents Negan for stealing his wife and burning his face with a hot iron, so the double-cross makes sense, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see Dwight die in the next episode, probably at the hands of Negan in some fight scene.

While some fans were hoping for an action-packed episode, this episode before the finale was definitely the calm before the storm. The finale should be an intense one and likely one filled with a massive battle and possibly the end of the feud between Negan and Rick, with Negan meeting his demise.

It’s a finale that fans have been waiting a year for, and now, they’ll have to wait at least one more week.


Scandal: If Huck lives he will never love again

If Huck is indeed dead I’m done with Scandal. No other way to put that. Huck is the best character on the ABC drama and for him to be gunned down like that is a slap in the face. However, in a strange sort of way, that may be the only way Huck could be killed. Let me explain.

Huck has one weakness. Women. Oliva is one, Robin once was, Becky, Kim and now Meg.

As deadly as Huck is, he has not learned that some people cannot be trusted. Does he have bad taste in women, unlucky or is he an easy target as Becky told him when he went to visit her in prison? Olivia is still his main weakness as he will do whatever she ask of him but his other relationships just turned out terribly wrong.

His wife Kim can no longer live a normal life thanks to him and that’s all Huck wants. His quick relationship with Robin was more comical than serious while his tryst with Becky and Meg turned deadly in the end. Becky was a killer that wanted to take Huck down but fell in love and when she asked Huck to run away with her he said no and she retaliated by killing his make-believe family.

Meg was the wild card here as she had us all fooled. But Huck caught on and was a few seconds from killing her until he had that moment of weakness that could eventually cost him his life in the end. She played Huck from the very beginning and what’s strange is that he always trust his first instinct. When Meg asked about meeting Oliva is when Huck should have put it all together but he resisted.

Now he’s on the floor bleeding out thanks to another woman he loved and trusted. If he pulls through this Huck go into one of those trance-like stages he tends to go in when he’s lost or he could come out swinging. Either way, he will never look at another woman the same. It’s been too much heartache and death and it’s only so much a person can take before they give up on it all.

Huck may live but his love life is dead.

Arrow: All signs point to Prometheus/Chase having ties to Bratva

Remember the days when you knew who the villain was in Arrow? Times have definitely changed now with the identity of Prometheus and the new Vigilante. However, with Chase showing that he’s Prometheus, it opened all kinds of new storylines for his and Oliver’s characters. But, as we came to the end of Kapiushon a thought struck me that this vendetta that Chase has against Oliver is way deeper than the Arrow killing his father.

The episode Kapiushon didn’t explain much about Chase’s past and that’s what made the most sense. The villain now has a face and a purpose but where he got them from still remains a mystery.

The part of Kapiushon that I did like was we were treated to more of the Bratva scenes where we witness how brutal Oliver was before he became the Arrow. His relationship with Anatoly may be stronger than the one he has with Jon. However, there is something that Prometheus is hiding in his past. The Bratva Captain tattoo should hold no meaning to Chase but he felt the need to burn over Oliver’s for a reason. Why?

In ‘Checkmate’, with Oliver killing the rogue Bratva members, Gregor, right before Oliver kills him says “If you kill me, you’ll only be killing yourself”. How many people just have that saying floating around in their head? It was quick, but Chase said the same thing to Oliver. Is there a connection there? It has to be, and that’s the reason for Chase burning the tattoo.

Prometheus has gone through training, actually the same training that Oliver did and with the same woman. Talia. She taught Oliver to be strong and taught Chase so he could kill Oliver. Just one messed up triangle there. But here is where it gets a tad weird. Talia met Oliver in Russia, where she trained him but where did Prometheus meet her? Was it Russia as well?

Prometheus’ vengeance towards Oliver is because the Arrow killed his father but it’s more to this than we may know. Star City at one point was being run by the Russian Mob and maybe Chase’s father, Justin Claybourne was a part of their organization or his mother, Amanda Westfield has ties to Russia. However, there is a part of Adrian Chase’s story that’s been left out. It comes back to that tattoo and what he said to Oliver.

How does he know about the tattoo? He could’ve been told about it but for him to burn it off it’s like a person removing a tattoo of a former lover’s name, it was personal. It’s as if he thinks Oliver is not deserving of a family heirloom.

There is a Bratva connection somewhere. Maybe he’s the grandson of Kovar and since Oliver tried to kill him, maybe that’s Chases’s real inspiration. Right now it’s too many variables at play here but when Anatoly is called into Star City we will know the answers soon enough.

Grey’s Anatomy: Who’s in the wrong, Amelia or Owen?

If it’s one thing Grey’s Anatomy is known for, it’s drama. Nevermind what goes on in the ER or waiting room, all you have to do is look towards the doctors and you’re guaranteed to take sides with someone. This past week we were forced to side with either Amelia or Owen. Their battle for power in their marriage continues and with the way things were left and unsaid, this will linger on for a while.

As much as you hate to see this play out because all their fight is, is one BIG misunderstanding and lack of communication. I love Amelia and Owen together but after having a first-row seat to their issues, I’m torn.

Normally, we will have a right and a wrong like we did when April walked out and left Jackson or why he’s been giving her the cold shoulder. Or, why Karev beat up DeLuca, however, this Amelia and Owen drama goes much deeper than the other character’s problems. They were married fast and didn’t have the proper time to get to know one another. Pillow talk would’ve resolved a huge chunk of their issues but this baby beef they have has gone on for too long.

Owen wants a family, a wife, and kids while Amelia doesn’t. That’s fair but I think the writers are dragging this out too long. There was a pregnancy scare and Amelia was relieved when it come out negative. Owen took offense to that and right at that moment is when Amelia should’ve told the truth about why she didn’t want a baby. She’s not in the wrong for feeling the way she does but instead of talking it out, she ran away.

Owen is a control freak, always has been. He was like that with Christina and he’s the same with Amelia. However, I do think that he has more solid ground to stand on. It didn’t seem that way until Amelia threw Christina’s name in his face in ‘Till I hear It From You’. If Amelia knew so much about their relationship then she had to know what the demise was all about. Owen wanted a family and Christina didn’t.

I understand their fight but as I’m writing this it just occurred to me who’s side I’m on.

Amelia is in the wrong here. All she had to do was explain what happened in her past and Owen would’ve understood. His baby jones would still be strong but he would’ve understood. When Amelia left he got upset. He looked for his wife, begged her to come home and work this out and all Amelia has to say is that Owen is smothering her. She’s his wife, should he not want her back? Is he supposed to be happy with her living somewhere else and not wanting to work with him?

How is that for better or worse?



Arrow: Why the big Prometheus showdown in Kapiushon was a major letdown

As a huge fan of Arrow, I was confused and disgusted at the BIG reveal of Oliver’s secret in Kapiushon. For the entire episode that Chase had Oliver chained up and tortured, I figured there was some huge secret that we didn’t know about the Arrow for the past 5 seasons. As Chase kept antagonizing Oliver about revealing his inner demons I was lead to believe that it was something so tragic that could send the show into anther great storyline.

I was so wrong.

The secret was that Oliver is a killer and that he actually likes to do it. How was that shocking? For any fan that remembers the first season when he came back to Star City, we know that Oliver took no prisoners. There was no shooting in the legs or knocking bad guys out, he was on the hunt for blood. But, we knew this already.

When he finally let Dingle and Felicity into his inner-workings was when he calmed down and started to injure instead of kill. Oliver had tamed that beast inside of him. Prometheus didn’t want revenge for his father’s death, he wanted Oliver to admit they’re alike. Well, duh. Oliver was the original vigilante before anyone else came into the picture.

The monologue surrounding the people in Oliver’s life that always end up hurt has been discussed at length in almost every other episode when the Arrow starts to go on his self-pity guilt trip and his friends have to talk him off the ledge. And what was the point of bringing Evelyn back, like anyone cared about her in the first place after she set Oliver up? If Prometheus was to have actually snapped her neck, then oh well.

All season we wanted the reveal of Prometheus and when we got it, it was sort of shocking and after Chase killed his wife and took Oliver hostage we knew there would be a big battle. However, it never happened. Chase and Oliver screamed at each other, Oliver took a few punches and he was let go. Down the line, there will be a big face-off but for this one episode I expected more and was let down.

Oliver admitting that he likes to kill may have been forgotten to many, himself included but this may have been Chase’s way of telling him their next fight will be to the death. There will be no handcuffs, two men walk in, one man walks out. Prometheus figured that Oliver needed that reminder.

Too bad we didn’t.


The Defenders: Claire has no powers but she’s the most important character

With men and women surrounding her with powers, it’s hard to stand there and play the damsel-in-distress role. For much of the solo Defenders shows, that’s pretty much been the stance that Claire has taken. In Daredevil she was introduced as the nurse who stitched up Matt. She nearly fell in love with him but decided to back off. In Jessica Jones, she did more of the same as she came to help Jessica take care of Luke Cage who was shot in the head. In her second meeting with Cage she fell in love with him and in Iron Fist, she was a full-blown fighter.

As great fighters as The Defenders are, Clarie is still the most important. She’s the one that binds them all together and two have yet to find out. In Iron Fist I was amazed at the amount of screen time she received. In the other shows, she was mere a passer-by but in Iron Fist, Claire was a main character.

Claire already had this hard shell but once you encounter a blind fighter, a superhuman strong drunk woman, a man who is bulletproof and a guy with a glowing arm, how else is she supposed to act. The good thing about Marvel is they already have strong female characters but what they were missing was a normal woman.

Claire is as normal as they come but as we seen in Iron Fist, she tired of being stuck on the sideline.

Clair is ready to defend her city. When The Hand came, it was Claire on the frontlines with Rand and Colleen fighting for her life. She even had her own signature claws. Now, her role in The Defenders at first will be to bring the group together since she is the link. How that comes about is still a mystery but her relationship with all of them is solid, and if she calls on them for help they will come running. Without Claire, there will be no team and that alone makes her the most important member.

However, as Madame Gao told her, she is in for a world of pain. Which leaves me to wonder if she will make it to the end of The Defenders or not. If it’s one thing I learned during this Marvel crusade is that teams come together when they have something or someone to fight for. Will Claire’s death be the reason The Defenders form as a unit?

The city is in danger and only one person can save it. It’s ironic that she has no super powers but she knows enough people who does.