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Fashion: The old school feel of Air Force Ones, Pumas or Adidas are perfect for the summer

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re like me, that means it’s time to expose your love for kicks. The winters are boots and weather predicted sneakers but summer time is when the real exhibit begins. What’s your favorite? Me, I love the feel and look of Nike and their Air Force Ones. Doesn’t matter […]

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Athleisure: From Seasonal Trend to Profitable Lifestyle

By Rebecca Kennedy When leggings in funky prints and matching stretchy hooded jackets started to show up in all the clothing stores, people called the groovy new trend nothing more than ‘a fad’. But now years later, the athleisure trend is still alive and kicking (sometimes literally). While the idea of ‘fashionable fitness’ started years […]

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Fashion: Hot Style Tips For Indian Wedding Ceremonies

By Nidhi Jain The typical Indian wedding is traditionally much more than just a wedding; there’s music, dancing, henna application, games, and of course, a great deal of feasting. Typically, the Indian wedding is a crazy roller coaster of different events spread over a few days, including a number of pre-wedding rituals and fun that […]

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Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day: Fashion Tips For A Day At The Races

Nothing beats a fun day at the races. It’s a golden opportunity to dress up, have a few drinks, and place some bets on the horses. You can’t beat the excitement of watching horses thunder down the final furlong as the crowd goes wild. It’s also pretty exciting if you put some money on the […]

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Style: How To Stay In Fashion With Antique Gold Jewelry Online

By Kris Kerry As a lady, your number one rule should be to stay classy always. As a lady, you have more than just your body to look after. Your outward appearance matters a whole lot. There is a lot more to fashion that just having that fancy pair of trousers or that monkey bag. […]

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Athleisure: 3 Fashionable Ways to Improve Your Fitness

By Joao Pedro De Sousa Fashion and fitness—i.e. athleisure—are having somewhat of a love affair right now. There are so many ways health and trends are coming together to make people not only look great, but feel great, too. According to the BBC, women are now just as willing to pay as much for a […]

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Fashion: The 5 Most Influential Women of Style Right Now

By Angelina Ranos The world is full of amazing women who do remarkable things. These women are great role models and often make perfect fashion icons. If you’d like to know how to look like an influential, strong-minded woman in 2017, then start following the style of these women. Alexa Chung Alexa Chung is a […]