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Why 2018 Is The Year Of The Rise Of Athleisure And Social Network Marketing

2018 is set to be an interesting year for fashion and the internet. In fact, these two industries appear to be joining forces and complementing each other for mutual gain. We are witnessing an increase in the use of athleisure fashion, and also the rise of the social networking platform Instagram as a marketing tool. […]

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Athleisure: The Best Equipment for Fitness Swimming & Working Out in the Pool

There’s nothing like exercising in water. This is why there’s an entire industry of waterproof fitness equipment. Not all fitness gear is made to handle water, but gradually, more and more things are becoming waterproof, or at least water resistant. The electronic trackers and other items on this list are waterproof, because you shouldn’t have […]

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Tech: Top 5 Ways to Gamify Your Fitness Goals

There are more than enough reasons to increase your physical fitness, but staying on track with your goals can be hard. By utilizing trackable technology, people are improving their lifestyles. With the invention of wearable technology, individuals are encouraged to engage in healthy behavior. We all have fitness goals, especially after the New Year, but […]

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When It Comes To Health And Happiness, What Are You Waiting For?

One way to make sure that we have and maintain our best health is to consume a nutritional diet. Our bodies were not designed to eat most of the nutritionally empty foods that line our supermarket shelves. Our bodies were designed for the natural nutrition that occurs in nature. One of the prominent things that […]

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Tech: Three Ways Technology Is Transforming The Sports World!

Growing up, many of us mentally separated athletic activity from tech-savvy computer science projects. As one grows, however, they may realize that the two can interact and benefit from each other in ways that push sports and technology to new, progressive areas in their history. All industries change and either progress with time or fade […]

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Athleisure: Five Must-Have Accessories for Every Yoga Enthusiast

By Amina Spencer Yoga enthusiasts, both the novice and the ardent yoga students, benefit from owning useful accessories. There are essential items, plus other accessories that make the experience more enjoyable. Here are five of the hottest new yoga accessories you need to own. A Hot New Yoga Mat Yoga enthusiasts appreciate that owning a […]

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Athleisure: A Short Guide for Purchasing Best Workout Shoes for Men

By Charlie Brown The importance of working out cannot be overemphasized. The prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the world today is worrying. Surprisingly, a report published in the Times in 2014 says nearly half of U.S deaths can be prevented with lifestyle changes. A similar report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]

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Social Media: Why Instagram Is The Ideal Platform For Fitness Brands

When was the last time you have checked your social media accounts? Chances are you haven’t seen pictures of healthy people with great bodies, only if you’ve been living under a rock. You must have seen all the self-improving posts that promote for the look of a killer muscular body. With a lot of gym […]

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Business: Impressive Brand Comebacks

Who doesn’t like a good comeback-kid storyline? Cherished brands that were once staples often fall out of the limelight and never return. But there are some brands that have made impressive comebacks, reinventing their message yet still keeping parts of their original identities intact. Check out the following brands that are writing a comeback story […]

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Athleisure: Top 5 Footwear For Athletes In 2017

  Everybody knows running is good for health. People plan to buy a new pair of shoes when it comes to start running from the next morning or evening. Similarly, there are many physical activities and sports, where you need good quality shoes to improve your athletic abilities. Nowadays, there are a number of shoe […]