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Five Chill Albums

Ever be chilling in your car or at home, smoking some good herb and having trouble finding some good music to listen to? I’m all about the tunes. My wife calls me a “walking Ipod” because I know almost too much music, if that even makes sense. My Ipod literally has about 10k songs on […]

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Opinion: Are we witnessing the death of American Democracy?

Is America dying?  The once proud country that espoused equality for all is dying due to a lack of equality for its citizens.  On one end you have the status quo, the people that want to remain in control and in power, due to their position of being the majority.  On the opposite end are […]

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Terrorism: ISIS Attacks Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque in Medina

The Khawarij group Daa’ish aka ISIS, attacked the holy and sacred Prophet Muhammad’s mosque in Medina.  A suicide bomber just injured four people while people were breaking their Ramadan fast and eating Iftar.  A young man whom witnesses described as 18 offered two security personnel food and then detonated a bomb. The Prophet’s city and […]

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The Tale of Two Violently Opposing Views: Gun Rights vs. Gun Control

By Chris Bentley With the rash of mass shootings shaking our country’s peace and overall sense of security, very well defined lines in the sand have been drawn between gun proponents and their adversaries-those in favor of greater gun regulations. Gun proponents quoting the line from the Bill of Rights declaring that the right to […]

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Interviews: One-On-One With IFBB Pro Bikini Model Gigi Amurao

With summer already here, now is the time to get fit, look tight in a bikini and strut your stuff. While there are many fitness swimsuit and bikini competitions that happen during the summer, one of the fastest-growing and most popular ones today is the IFBB. IFBB or the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness, […]

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Opinion: Donald Trump, I live in the Center of California’s Drought

Donald Trump recently told a group of California farmers in the Delta Valley that there is no drought in California.  He instead blamed the drought on the Delta Smelt fish which is an endangered species. Only one of these fishes have been found in the wild since 2008. As a result, the U.S. Fish and […]

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Vindictiveness: The Futile Response

By: Jeffrey Newholm It all started with a flip. Last October, the Rangers and Blue Jays were locked in a tense winner-take-all playoff game. The Rangers took the lead on a controversial call in the top of the seventh, only to give the lead away with a series of blunders in the bottom of the […]

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Boxing: Week in Review

Let’s face it, people are busy, so everyone doesn’t always have time to be locked into every boxing story. There are numerous topics that both hardcore and casual fans, cannot keep up with. With all the things that have gone on in the past week, I’m here to help you catch up with all the […]

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Opinion: Why I Support Sharia

(Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this column do not reflect the views of INSCMagazine. Reader discretion is advised.) Why do I support the Sharia?  Many of you are curious about why I support Sharia.  Some of you might be curious to see why an American with an America sounding name supports the […]

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DeAngelo Williams: Why The Participation Trophy Sends A Bad Message

I played sports all throughout my childhood from the age of 5 until my senior year of high school. It was mostly intramural, but at any rate it was a big part of growing up. At the end of every season it was always the same: every team made the playoffs and, regardless of if […]