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Benefits of Cycling: 6 Impressive Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling can benefit your body and health in a multitude of ways, however, the best and most significant ones are cardiovascular benefits. Cycling is often known as the aerobic exercise. With so many impressive benefits of cycling, let’s take a look at the major ones. This high-impact practice utilizes, and enhances, the utilization of oxygen […]

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Fitness Focus! So, You Want To Start Weight Lifting!

Slogging through miles on the treadmill or powering through a spin class are fine forms of cardio, but if you’re ready to mix things up with a fresh fitness routine, you should try adding strength training to the repertoire. If you’ve never used free weights, machines, bands or even your own body, strength training can […]

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DIY: How To Make Your Own All-In-One Home Gym In 7 Easy Steps!

According to the World Health Organisation, you should be moderately active for at least 150 minutes on a weekly basis. The same recommendations come from the American Heart Association, while some even say that you will benefit the most from 300 minutes per week. Activities like hiking, fast walking, jogging, aerobics, pilates, yoga and weight […]

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Interview and Features: NPC Competitor, Philita Wheeler Talks Fitness

Over the last week I was lucky enough to have a few great conversations with Philita Wheeler, a top ten finalist at the 2013 Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Championships and fifth place winner at the 2013 NPC Kentucky Muscle Figure competition and Clean Science sponsored athlete. During this time not only did I learn that […]