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Tech: The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

The last two decades saw technology advance more than ever before; impacting everywhere, including the healthcare sector. It became the driving force behind improvements and innovations. The result is better and improved healthcare, more accessible and efficient treatment and through software-enabled services. For life, in general, this impact means a sharp improvement in quality. Medicine […]

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Fitness Focus! Here’s How To Stay Fit At College

College students have a lot going against them when it comes to staying healthy. There’s the stress of coursework and packed schedules. And there’s that new-found independence, which can take some unhealthy forms — think all-you-can-eat meal plans and be pulling all-nighters. Colleges and universities are working hard to help their students stay in shape […]

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Health & Fitness: 5 Tips When Developing Your Meal Plan for KETO Diet

Planning what to eat every day can be a daunting task, and it is one of the main reasons why most people choose to take their meals in a fast food joint or their favorite restaurants. However, getting KETO-friendly meals in these places can be challenging. If you are lucky to find a restaurant that […]

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Ship Shape? 5 Strategies for Getting Fit and Staying Fit!

Let’s face it – getting in shape is hard, especially when life gives you so many reasons to put it off. Like so many people, you vowed to begin exercising with the dawning of the new year, but here you are several months later and have yet to do a single squat or plank. If […]

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Health and Fitness: How To Choose The Best Protein Powder?

While there are natural sources of proteins that can be added in the meal in order to fulfill the daily requirement, the heavy workout sessions tend to require a lot of protein intake because of which people look out for products like protein powders. However, it is important to choose these products very wisely and […]

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Why You Should Choose Sonography As A Profession

There are many people who want to be associated with medical profession. While there are many ways to be working in the medical field. No matter what reasons you have to become a medical professional, once you achieve your goal, you become responsible for so many people’s life. Apart from becoming a MBBS professional, you […]

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Is It Okay to Smoke Weed After Working Out? (Does it Affect your Muscles?)

Recreational weed smoking is a pretty popular pastime amongst the general population, and that includes plenty of people who like to keep fit and work out; but is it a good idea to exercise and then have a joint? What are the potential issues for the health and well being of those who do this? […]

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Health & Fitness: Five Reasons Why Yoga Is Perfect For Office Lifestyle

It’s a fact that our ancestors used to be more active than we are now. Only some 12,000 years ago, when our ancestors started agriculture, went hunting and were constantly changing places to live, they were already moving more than we do today. Movement is the essence of our lives, but we seem to have […]

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Diet: 7 Signs You Might Not Be Getting All The Nutrients You Need

Your body is blessed with its own fighting mechanism, but it requires additional nutrients for growth and to improve physiological function. The vitamins and minerals that our body craves are known as micronutrients and since these are not naturally produced in the body, you have to take them through your diet. You may face a […]

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Fitness Focus! The Ten Best Bodyweight Exercises You’re Not Doing! (But Should Be)

Every one of us, when coming to the gym, all want to have a nice body and a good health. However, not everyone has enough persistence to maintain a regular gym routine. There are many causes leading to your discourage and neglection, such as not having a clear result after a long time of doing […]