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Why You Should Earn a Personal Training Certification Before Getting Employed at the Gym

By Thomas Sujain Have you always been fascinated by the strength and fitness of gym instructors? Are you a fitness enthusiast yourself and have always liked spending time on the treadmill? If it is so, you might have a great career as a personal trainer waiting for you. However, note that just being a fitness […]

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Real Fit Talk! Q and A With Fitness Model and Personal Trainer, Emma Kirke

Fitness. Everyone is all about it, everybody wants to look their best and every person has a reason and motivation to want to get in shape. It could be as simple as wanting to shed a few pounds for the summer, wanting to tone up for athletic competitions or even slip into that pair of […]

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Real Fit Life: 7 Highly Effective Testosterone Boosting Tips

#1: Increase healthy fat intake Following a low-fat diet is a very effective method to destroy testosterone production. Healthy sources of dietary fat provide the building blocks to support optimal testosterone production. At least 30% of overall dietary intake should be derived from healthy fats such as: olive oil, coconut oil, coconut butter, nuts, seeds […]

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Real Fit Life: Super Foods That Increase Your Metabolic Rate, Burn Up Calories And Help With Weight Reduction

The superfood groups are the super heroes of the nutrition world, hailing special powers and properties, giving them a status above other foods. These special powers vary from building bones, preventing disease, improving your eyesight, and helping to elevate your brain activity. What would you think if the superfood helped increase your metabolic rate, helped […]

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Pretty Boy! The Hot Plastic Surgery Trend Among South Korean Men

In South Korea, what is considered attractive in men is slowly but steadily changing. Although masculinity has always been something that has been coveted in the country, which places high value on having a largely traditional and patriarchal society, K-pop stars have been changing those ideals. The macho types from the 1990s and 2000s have […]

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Thinking of Becoming a Health Coach? Here’s What You Need to Know

Life today is hard and almost everyone is struggling with one thing or the other. Many families are becoming dysfunctional because family members have issues which they are not able to resolve. Society has also become more violent as many people find the easier path to solve their problems. Problems such as weight struggles, substance […]

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Is Second Hand Vapor from E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

Millions of people around the globe are now hooked on the newest, and possibly safer alternative to smoking which is vaping. Throughout the ages, experts have been finding a way to reduce the risk of smokers getting health complications from smoking a tobacco cigarette, and it seems like e-cigarette or vape has provided the answered […]