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Thinking of Becoming a Health Coach? Here’s What You Need to Know

Life today is hard and almost everyone is struggling with one thing or the other. Many families are becoming dysfunctional because family members have issues which they are not able to resolve. Society has also become more violent as many people find the easier path to solve their problems. Problems such as weight struggles, substance […]

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Is Second Hand Vapor from E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

Millions of people around the globe are now hooked on the newest, and possibly safer alternative to smoking which is vaping. Throughout the ages, experts have been finding a way to reduce the risk of smokers getting health complications from smoking a tobacco cigarette, and it seems like e-cigarette or vape has provided the answered […]

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Cancer: The Thing In My Chest (Part I)

What’s Wrong With Me? We thought it was just a cold. Back in late February, I came down with a cough and had a runny nose. The first thing you figure is “It’s just a cold”. Naturally, that was the initial thought. Things changed when the runny nose stopped, but the coughing didn’t. In fact, […]

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Lifestyle: A Good Spin Bike Can Change Your Life

By Stacy Grace Life can be demanding nowadays. Most of us are avid multitaskers. We juggle regular work, our hobbies, managing kids and paying bills. No wonder, health, and fitness take a back seat during our daily routines. We are either going somewhere or doing something all the while. As a result, we have to […]

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Do’s and Don’ts For Patients With Hashimoto’s Disease

By Richard Anderson Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition which results in an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). This occurs when the body produces proteins called antibodies that attack the normal thyroid cells thereby causing damage to the tissue of the gland. The thyroid is responsible for various processes such as regulating the rate and rhythm of […]

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Intermittent Fasting: Get Lean Without Getting Skinny

By Rob Smith Over the last few years intermittent fasting has become incredibly popular as an effective way to lose weight quickly, but it has also started to gain traction among fitness enthusiasts looking for a flexible way to get and stay lean. It’s best to think of intermittent fasting as a lifestyle choice rather […]

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Live Limitless! Q and A with Fitness Swimsuit Model & Zaqavi Apparel Co-Founder, Alyssa Dunlap

Limitless. Such a simple word, yet contradictory at the same time. One can perceive them as the farthest, highest or deepest one will go in life. Limits are only what one sets for themselves personally, emotionally, psychologically and professionally. We do it all the time, and yet we never know it. Sometimes out of safety, […]