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Health and Wellness: Why Your Diet Needs To Be A Vegan Diet

As the summer days are getting closer and closer, most of us have already started working on getting our bodies into a great shape so that we can use the opportunity to show off our great looking bodies at the beach. And in that process, most of us rely on different, popular weight loss plans […]

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Wellness: 5 Foods That Can Improve Your Brain Health

For several years, doctors have been saying what you eat, can affect the health of your heart. However, the same holds true for your brain, and there is growing evidence to support the claim. A study conducted at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago shows that a particular diet plan may reduce the risk of […]

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Dentist-Approved Healthy Cooking Tips for People with a Sweet Tooth

We all know that eating too much sugar is bad for health, but it’s also dangerous for your teeth and gums. Consuming too many sweet foods and drinks contributes to plaque formation in the mouth, which raises the risk of tooth decay. It can also cause a wide range of other dental problems, but what […]

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Black Box Drugs: Would Your Doctor Take These?

Presented by   If you’ve ever read the label of prescription drug packaging, you might have noticed a warning surrounded by a black box. This type of warning, aptly named “black box warning,” indicates a severe risk level to the consumer. Since this is the most severe level of warning issued by the Food […]

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Are Low-Fat Diets Really Good for You?

By Carol Trehearn Low-fat diets are confusing for many people. We think that fats are bad for the body and, therefore, a low-fat eating plan would be better. However, it’s not as clear-cut as that for several reasons. There’s certainly a good amount of research that suggests a low-fat eating regime is not what an […]

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Health and Fitness: 5 Foods that are Keeping You from Building Muscle

By Carol Trehearn Although there is no shortage of well-built men and women just about anywhere you look these days, it’s not as easy as it seems to achieve such a physique. You will have to work very hard to make even the slightest of gains, especially after your first year at the gym. Building […]

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4 Reasons to Buy The Top Fat Burners for Older Women!

By Graham Haas Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you may feel that the time has come for you to shed excess body weight. Prominent health and fitness experts say it is common for women to notice an increase in their waistlines before they reach their 35th birthday. These professionals state that there […]