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What Makes Pre Workout Supplements Essential for Today’s Women?

By Sujain Thomas All the women are well acquainted with the trouble zones of their body. It is always advisable for women to exercise regularly or maintain a routine of going to the gym regularly so that they stay fit and do not invite numerous health problems. This way they need to follow a proper […]

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How to Change Your Attitude towards Fitness and Make Your Muscle Building Successful!

By Charlie Brown When you want to improve your overall wellbeing, or are targeting any specific fitness goal, you generally tend to pay extra attention to your diet and also eliminate things that may be detrimental to your health. These things are not necessarily only junk food or sodas but also often habits that may […]

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Take Your Love of Fitness to the Next Level and Become a Personal Trainer

By Carol Trehearn Are you the gym buff out of all your friends? Do they come to you for advice when they want to lose weight or gain muscle? If you love the gym and fitness and you have a talent for helping others, becoming a personal trainer could be the next move you make. […]

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Fitness Focus! Staying Fit in All Types of Climates

It is many people’s aspirations to start and maintain an exercise regime in order to stay fit. But sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with this type of exercise, for many reasons. One of the major reason is that some of us live in climates that have uncomfortable conditions. Keeping up a strict […]

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Tips from Professionals on Workouts for Losing Weight Rapidly

Once you have made up your mind to shed your excess weight, finding a suitable weight loss plan is vital. Unfortunately, it is the first hurdle that often puts paid to the sternest of resolves. You are confronted with a bewildering assortment of exercises, weight loss diets and recipes, and even drugs that promise to […]

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Fitness Focus! Q and A With Fitness and Glamour Model, Jessica Liu

Fall. The temperatures are colder, the air a little crisper with a hint of winter, the leaves are changing colors and our bodies suddenly decide to slow down. Perhaps it is something deep within our cavemen DNA, but when the weather turns colder, we tend to slow down or stop our workouts and training, in […]

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Fitness Focus! How To Pump Up Your Fitness and Workout Routine This Fall

With fall well into the throes of another cool and breathtaking beautiful season, you have to wonder how your workout and fitness regimen is going to be effected. Those long, hard and sweaty workouts you are used to doing in the summer, with all of that sweat glistening down your face, chest and body had […]