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Health: Know How Menopause Affects Your Body And Hair

By Kathy Mitchell Overview of menopause Menopause is a common thing that is experienced by women at some point in time in their lifespan, and it cannot be categorized as a disease. Menopause can be defined as a point of time in a woman’s life when the menstrual cycle permanently stops. It is a common […]

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Lifestyle: Perk Up Your Day with These 7 Healthy Tips

By Annie Lizstan Do you ever feel “blue”? Frankly, all of us feel like that from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong about it. Although we’d like to feel happy and cheerful at all times, sometimes you do feel like everyone’s against you, nothing goes right that day, and you just want to go […]

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Living: Want to Boost Your Mind and Improve Memory? Sex Is The Answer

While most people appreciate sex because it builds intimacy, because it is pleasurable, because it is healthy, and because it is fun, a new study has found yet another reason why sex can be good for you. The study which was conducted by a group of researchers from The Manchester University found that older adults […]

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Health: Reducing Stress and Exercising with a Stress Ball

By Colt Ross Stress is not unusual and can be caused by numerous factors ranging from family issues to work. An important step towards reducing stress is to find out what triggers it and make an effort to handle the causes of the situation. While you may not be able to completely get rid of […]

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Tech: 21 Apps For Sportsmen Who Travel Frequently

By Andrea Bell A career in sports is not your average 9-to-5 job. It requires passion, zeal and complete dedication to your physical fitness and nutrition. Sportsmen find themselves globetrotting more often than your average travel junkie to participate in various sporting events and celebrity endorsements all over the world. Multiple apps have been designed […]

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Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Try These 5 Foods

By David Gomes Do you want to have a wonderful sex life? Who does not want to have a wonderful sex life? I don’t think there is anyone alive on this earth, who does not desire to have a wonderful sex life. When you have a good sex life, you improve your overall quality of […]