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Health and Wellness: Why Your Diet Needs To Be A Vegan Diet

As the summer days are getting closer and closer, most of us have already started working on getting our bodies into a great shape so that we can use the opportunity to show off our great looking bodies at the beach. And in that process, most of us rely on different, popular weight loss plans […]

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Food: 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Cakes

Cakes have long been associated with nutritional inadequacy. They’re mostly found on the top lists of foods to avoid by those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is, however, a misconception that has been construed with the objective of restricting overindulgence. Of course, too much of anything is harmful to your health, but a […]

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STDs and The World: Why There’s An Increase In STDS

Despite the preventive medical efforts to fight sexually transmitted diseases, reports are coming in that STDs are at an all-time high. In the US alone, one in every four people has had an STD before, which means that about 110 million Americans carry an STD that they can potentially pass to others. Most of us […]

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Pollutant Problems – How to Avoid Drinking Water Contamination

Have you ever wondered what the quality of the water you have access to at home is like? Do you ever think about how contaminated it may be, or how safe it may be for your family to drink? If so, this is the article for you. Today, we will look through some of the […]

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Nootropics – Cognitive Brain Enhancers Gaining Popularity

To begin with, an interesting fact: a nootropic is a compound word created from two Greek words NOUS–“mind” and TROPOS–“changed or modified”. Nootropics are drugs that affect mental abilities, increase alertness and concentration. By using these mental boosters, work performance and decision making are improved. They affect the brain metabolism by increasing the utilization of […]

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Fitness Focus! Treadmill Terrors – Injury At The Gym

It has been revealed in a recent survey that the piece of equipment that causes the most accidents in the gym is the treadmill. Using the treadmill generally makes up 35% of a workout, as goals of running longer distances are the most common. We go to the gym to lose weight and stay healthy, […]

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The Top 5 Health and Fitness Benefits of Hunting and Shooting

For many people in the U.S., hunting is a sport that they enjoy on a regular basis. Whether they are able to engage in hunting near their home or they go away for weekend hunting trips, it can prove to be relaxing for those who enjoy the sport, and it allows them to get outdoors […]