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Want To Be The Next Top Model? Check Out King Publishing’s 2018 Modeling Camp In Cyprus

Bikinis. Swimsuit. Lingerie. Welcome to Glamour Girl!, INSCMagazine’s new bi-weekly feature that will appear every Monday and Friday. GG! will feature some of today’s hottest bikini, swimsuit, Instagram and fitness models, bloggers, influencers and actresses today in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and entertainment, with a touch of style, class, quality in-depth writing and eye-catching images. Do […]

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Joseph Isaacs: Q and A with Buzz Pop Cocktails CEO

With winter coming up, many are looking for a way to stay warm, yet be cool at the same time. Thanks to the choice of many adult beverages and cocktails this holiday season ranging from vodka, champagne, wine and beer, one has many options on how to get their alcoholic fix. If you are looking […]

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Interviews: Q and A With DeWalt Brewing’s Christopher DeWalt, The Coolest New Name In Craft Brewing

If there is one thing Americans love is alcohol. Especially beer. Whether it is Budweiser, Coors or Miller, the love of a cold one is one that is ingrained into the American cultural psyche as a hot dog on MLB Opening Day. A newer trend that has been gaining much attention over the last few […]