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Gabbie Vazquez: Q and A With Glamour Model and Pop/R&B Singer

There is hot, and then there is Texas hot. It’s not only a reference in terms to the brutal and unforgiving heat that is native to the Southwestern state with a population of 26.4 million, but also the collective attractiveness of many of its beauty pageant-worthy female population. While many associate the Lone Star State […]

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Women: Q and A With Glamour Model Kathrine Haus

With summer winding down and the last few days of heat and humidity being numbered, fall is right around the corner as the temperatures will begin to drop. As summer is still here, now is the time to take that last dip into the pool, enjoy a nice clear day and enjoy the season. One […]

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Women: Q and A With Model Faith Malinowski

2016 NBA Champions. First-place Cleveland Indians and the 2016 Republican National Convention. Cleveland seems to be winning at a lot of things today. For the longest time, when people thought of the “Mistake By The Lake” one thought of rivers catching on fire and a depressed city in the Rust Belt. While Cleveland is still […]

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Women: One-On-One With Fitness Model Amanda Crawford

With summer in full swing, everyone wants to work out and get in shape. For some, it can mean going to the gym, running, playing sports, etc. Make no mistake, summer is the time to get fit and in shape. While her name and face may not be familiar with most just yet, Chicago-area native […]

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Since I have been in different areas within the media, I have always had the rule that I would never mix personal and business. However, I am making an exception for this time. This Thursday, July 7th, would have been my grandfather’s 91st birthday. This is a man, who yes was a pain, but he was […]

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1-on-1 With Marques Ogden

If you ask any player why they wanted to be in the NFL, they would say the same thing: Football is life. A luxurious career, doing what you have done practically your whole life sounds amazing. The money is great and the pride of being an NFL player is on a whole different level. What […]