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College Gridiron Showcase: Interview with Co-Founder Jose Jefferson

The College Gridiron Showcase is an exceptional event, that allows players a true chance at improving their draft stock and possibly getting selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. The CGS provides exposure and education for top college senior football players from around the country. The players are selected by a panel of football experts. Once […]

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College Gridiron Showcase – Daquan Holmes

The College Gridiron Showcase has gathered over 170 players together, all who are looking to get picked in the 2017 NFL Draft. Of the players attending, there are a few who stick out the most. These particular players are receiving lots of attention from scouts. What separates these individuals from the others? Is it skill […]

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Jessica Rivard: Q and A With Fitness Model, MMA Ring Girl and TaylorFitFL Owner/CEO

With temperatures dropping and fall now in season, the desire to get in shape is greater than ever, as the weather outside gets colder. Naturally, the motivation to stay fit tends to wane because of the mercury dropping and people naturally wanting to stay inside, causing those who do want to work out to not […]

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Gabbie Vazquez: Q and A With Glamour Model and Pop/R&B Singer

There is hot, and then there is Texas hot. It’s not only a reference in terms to the brutal and unforgiving heat that is native to the Southwestern state with a population of 26.4 million, but also the collective attractiveness of many of its beauty pageant-worthy female population. While many associate the Lone Star State […]

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Women: Q and A With Glamour Model Kathrine Haus

With summer winding down and the last few days of heat and humidity being numbered, fall is right around the corner as the temperatures will begin to drop. As summer is still here, now is the time to take that last dip into the pool, enjoy a nice clear day and enjoy the season. One […]


What is Nassau County doing to protect police?

Since 2010, there has been a total of 363 officers who have been killed while being on the line of duty. The highest amount came in 2011 as according to the FBI website, there was a total of 72 law enforcement officers killed. In 2016, it seems police officers being killed are going to be […]

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Women: Q and A With Model Faith Malinowski

2016 NBA Champions. First-place Cleveland Indians and the 2016 Republican National Convention. Cleveland seems to be winning at a lot of things today. For the longest time, when people thought of the “Mistake By The Lake” one thought of rivers catching on fire and a depressed city in the Rust Belt. While Cleveland is still […]