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Relationships: 4 Ways to Love Yourself and Be Positive In Life

By Clara Decker Majority of us generally feel that we are doing nothing and just going ahead with redundant tasks in life. Isn’t it? Well, it has turned into an innate propensity for nearly everybody, because of the increasing complexities of life alongside the modernization of society. I can barely hear anybody saying “Yes! I […]

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Organizing A Kids Birthday – Things To Have In Mind

When your kid has its first ‛big’ birthday party you realize that the simple get-enough-snacks-and-soda plan is just not gonna work. The first thing that comes into your mind is that you’re gonna need a set of rules in order to avoid all hell breaking loose. But the birthday should be THE day without rules […]

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Being Fashion Forward: What to Wear to a Dance Class?

There has been a synergy between dance and fashion ever since the two concepts were made. It is only natural since both categories serve as mediums in expressing oneself artistically. Fashion has always played an important role in the visual allure of dancing while fashion designers have often drawn their inspiration from dance.   Are […]


Considerations for Making a Restaurant and Bar Business Successful

Planning to open a bar and pubs in a restaurant is a better idea rather than investing money on opening only a restaurant. Times have changed and so have the ideas of people who want to get out for a meal. Most of them would like to enjoy a drink before they turn into their […]

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Why Playing Bingo is Actually Good for You?

Bingo is that weird animal that can either be loved or passed by with indifference, and I am sure many of you have already associated the mention of bingo with some quiet halls full of British pensioners stamping frantically on their sheets on Friday evening. You’d be surprised to know that not only bingo has […]

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Things to Know When Moving to a New House

By George Wolfson The last month before moving to a new house is full of planning and packing. People are going crazy getting everything ready for a big move across the country. Moving to a new place is always a stressful process, even if you’re excited to start a new life in a new place. […]