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Shawarma Chicken: Upgrading Your Barbecue And Grill With Influence From The East!

Barbecuing is an American tradition. Mixing ideas from Germany, The Middle East, The Caribbean and the Mediterranean the American barbecue is something truly unique. In the United States, the barbecue is a work of art that blends all these influences and produces unique flavors and styles across the country. Whilst some parts of the world […]

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Food: 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Cakes

Cakes have long been associated with nutritional inadequacy. They’re mostly found on the top lists of foods to avoid by those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is, however, a misconception that has been construed with the objective of restricting overindulgence. Of course, too much of anything is harmful to your health, but a […]

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Kixeye: Where Cyberbullying Gets a Free Pass

About five years ago I started playing War Commander an online game made by Kixeye. While my experience overall has been enjoyable the last year hasn’t and it’s due to cyberbullying. Kixeye has a feature where you can report players for bullying and harassment and I have utilized that feature.  I’ve seen all kinds of […]

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Living: Great Ideas To Help You Avoid Drinking and Driving

Did you know that drunk driving causes nearly one-third of the driving-related deaths in the US? Yes, drunk driving or alcohol-impaired driving accounts for more than 10,000 driving-related deaths in the country back in 2015. Driving with BAC (blood alcohol level) of 0.8 or more is already a crime. If you consume alcohol, it will […]

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Entertainment: Why Triple Play Bundle Offers Should Be Your First Choice

Nowadays, when everyone is well-informed and aware of technology, it’s difficult to fool people and the only key to gain a loyal customer is by providing him convenience and reliable service. The convenience factor is really important for all the customers because of less differentiated products, convenience is the last resort to rely on a […]

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Lifestyle: 9 Habits to Retain Your Efficiency While Traveling!

Travel for business and work is about staying alert, fighting fit and on your toes all the time. When you are away from home and out in the open, seeking new opportunities, you open up to new possibilities. Seeking the desired in all possibilities brings our lives on the borders of uncertainty. Kill the uncertainty […]

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10 Cities Around the World "in a Split Second" (Infographic)

A split second can capture a whole world of life and activity, and nowhere more so than in a bustling city. These multiple exposure images attempt to capture the unique spirit of some of the world’s most popular cities. Planning a day trip to one of these multicultural melting pots? Trying to take in an […]