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The Best New Jersey Summer Beer Festivals and Events

Memorial Day weekend is here, and it can only mean one thing for beer drinkers and connoisseurs. It is the beginning of the 2017 Summer Beer Festivals and Events.  New Jersey beer festivals play host to a well over 50 major breweries and microbreweries with many brewmasters and staff available to provide information on over […]

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Raptor Is A Classic B&M Invert, and Possibly The Most Underrated Ride At Cedar Point

Without question, Raptor is the most underrated coaster at Cedar Point. Not the fastest, not the smoothest, and not the most comfortable ( from my personal opinion ), but a very solid coaster all the way around. To fully appreciate Raptor, you need to understand the body of work manufacturer B&M put into their coasters, […]

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Fitness Motivation: Best Motivational Jams And Music To Workout To!

Before I list of the songs, I’m going to assume you have the same problem that I do when going to the gym. Let me set the scene, you are at a gym, getting ready for your reps, and you are focused. Except, the guy besides you keeps grunting and making random exhaling noises, while […]

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Health and Fitness: Five Ways To Kickstart Weight Loss!

When you make a choice to lose some weight, whether that’s just for yourself or for a holiday goal, it’s great to know that you have awhole world of advice right at your fingertips. It’s one of the most Googled phrases on the internet, as so many log on for ideas on how to quickly […]

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Ocean State Babe! Q and A With Instagram and Lifestyle Model, Katie Edwards

Rhode Island. The Ocean State. In terms of square miles and size, Rhode Island is the smallest of all the fifty states, but despite it’s size, has a proud and storied history all its own. The first of the Thirteen Colonies to renounce its allegiance to England and the fourth to ratify the Articles of […]

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2017 Homebrew Con: The Homebrewers Dream

Beer festivals are obviously great places to learn about beer. You can sample different styles, discover new breweries, and sometimes even meet the brewers themselves. But if you make your own beer, you may be ready for the next step in beer knowledge: attending a home brewing convention. Homebrew Con is the must-attend destination for […]