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Raptor Is A Classic B&M Invert, and Possibly The Most Underrated Ride At Cedar Point

Without question, Raptor is the most underrated coaster at Cedar Point. Not the fastest, not the smoothest, and not the most comfortable ( from my personal opinion ), but a very solid coaster all the way around. To fully appreciate Raptor, you need to understand the body of work manufacturer B&M put into their coasters, […]

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What Makes Jump Starters An Essential Thing To Keep In Your Car?

By Riordion Victor What is a Jump Starter? Ever heard this word? Well, a jump start is called a boost. It is given to the cars by connecting the cables to the portable jump starter of one vehicle to another while the car is still in the discharged position. Jumpstart is also given to some […]

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Is Magnum XL-200 On The Chopping Block At Cedar Point?

It’s hard to say goodbye to a classic coaster. Although, the time is right for Cedar Point to remove Magnum XL-200 One of the most intimidating coasters of its time when opened in 1989, Magnum is showing serious signs of aging. Still one of my favorite coasters at Cedar Point, I know deep down that […]

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Video Games: Why The Gaming Industry Continues To Grow

The stereotype still exists that online games are mainly for teenage boys and young men clinging to their adolescence, but it’s becoming less and less relevant by the day. For instance, the latest Essential Facts report by the Entertainment Software Association revealed that 37 percent of the most frequent game purchasers are now female. One […]

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Travel: Getting A Slice Of Success In A New Land

Looking abroad has always been a prospect that has attracted people from all corners the world. They believe in the the pursuit of happiness and the opportunity of a new world and they want a slice for themselves. Most countries has plenty of need for expertise and entrepreneurial thinkers to keep the economy strong, too. […]

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Lifestyle: Your Guide To Motorsports & Racing

What is a sport to you? It could be football, baseball or hockey – an incredibly tough physical game. It could be golf, darts or anything else that tests the mind. It could be something where the human body is pushed to the limit, or it could be something where engineering is pushed to the […]