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2017 Homebrew Con: The Homebrewers Dream

Beer festivals are obviously great places to learn about beer. You can sample different styles, discover new breweries, and sometimes even meet the brewers themselves. But if you make your own beer, you may be ready for the next step in beer knowledge: attending a home brewing convention. Homebrew Con is the must-attend destination for […]

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How To Throw A Crazy Awesome Dinner Party At A Restaurant?

By Oliva Wilson Throwing a terrific party involves lots more than appetizing dishes and lip-smacking desserts. Is it your attires, the furniture, or your kids? Yes, lots of things might come to your mind including your pets. A plethora of other things do exist, and they can largely impact your part, a few positively, and […]

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The great debate: Pineapple on pizza.

It’s an argument for the ages. Not “Is the dress this color?” or “dog person or cat person?”. No, today’s most debated topic: Can you put pineapple on pizza? Of course, you’re capable but should you? This is the most talked about thing I’ve seen on social media over the past couple weeks. Aside from […]

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Why New York City would be perfect fit for southern-based Waffle House

With the new addition of Golden Corral in New York city in 2017 other southern-based franchises should be taking notes about a possible expansion up north. One in particular should be Waffle House. If you ever lived or visited one of the southern states like North Carolina or Georgia then you know how big they are. [Mark] […]

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Lifestyle: How To Taste Beer Like A Pro

Beer isn’t all chuggable macro lager anymore. The craft beer movement has brought a previously unheard of number of new styles and tastes to the everyday beer drinker, and it’s useful to know how to find and appreciate those tastes. That’s not to say you should sit down, swirl, sniff, and slurp every beer like […]

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Food: Best Tips for Choosing The Best Nearby Restro

By Linda King Whether you plan on enjoying one meal while traveling or need a regular dining place, when it comes to dining out, it is imperative that you select a service provider that will cater to your unique needs. More often than not, people end up in the first restro that comes their way. […]

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New York City: There will be a Golden Corral in the Bronx in 2017

For a city to proclaim themselves as the best tourist attraction in the world, New York City sure falls short where it matters most. If sightseeing is your thing then this is the best place to be, but if your stomach starts to growl and you would like to get some essentials, then this is the worst place […]