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In the roller coaster world, RMC towers above the competition

No offense to B&M, Intamin, Mack, and GCI, but Rocky Mountain Construction, a.k.a RMC, is the most innovative coaster manufacturer in the entire world. They’ve completely revolutionized the wooden coaster, enabling them to do things almost unheard of years ago. RMC has come a long way in such a short period of time, and they […]

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Pessimism: a different outlook on life

Christmas is a time for holiday cheer and joy well, at least it is for most people. But then there are those grumpy “Scrooges” who have to put a damper on everybody else’s good times. Scrooge himself would look down on his happy but less well-off cousins with lines like “Merry Christmas! What right have […]

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Food: Best Tips for Choosing The Best Nearby Restro

By Linda King Whether you plan on enjoying one meal while traveling or need a regular dining place, when it comes to dining out, it is imperative that you select a service provider that will cater to your unique needs. More often than not, people end up in the first restro that comes their way. […]

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Travel: The Spread Of American Culture in Europe

By Connor Christopher If it were a competition, America would be winning in the pop culture category over and over again. The ubiquity of American taste, influence and commercialism is very extravagant to say the least, yet the level that American culture permeates through the European society is becoming hugely recognisable. This could be due […]

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Lifestyle: Perfect Ways to Introduce Her to the Hunt

By Carol Trehearn It’s no surprise that many women do not look forward to the time of year when their husbands or boyfriends disappear into the woods only to return a week or two later with a beard and hopefully some meat to fill the freezer. Women haven’t always been included on these outings and […]

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Parenting: The things we hide from our kids

I remember being a kid like it was yesterday. My purpose in life back then was to wake up and have as much fun as possible until I had to go to sleep and get ready for the next adventure. Never did I look forward to being an adult with responsibilities. My childhood was a […]

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Porn: Are you a watcher or maker?

Remember when Porn was a nasty word? “You watch that nasty stuff”? Not anymore. Can you name a couple that has not attempted to watch it just for the sake of it or maybe to pick up a few pointers? The Porn industry¬†was once forbidden,¬†now it’s everywhere. It’s almost advertised as much as Pepsi or […]