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How To Co-Parent Effectively

When I left my ex, my daughter’s father, I was preparing for a nasty court battle for child support and custody. Our reasons for parting ways wasn’t due to our daughter. She did deserve parents who were happy. That decision was the right choice. Leaving on terms that we could both agree upon provided stability and a chance for my daughter […]

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Hem Your Pants Without A Single Cut

For the most part there’s plenty of people who have at least one pair of pants that are sitting in the closet due to being too long. Instead of getting rid or hiding them for a later time. Here’s an easy way to hem the pants without having to make a single cut. Supplies Needed: […]


Wine Cork Planter Magnets

People love all types of plants but tend to live in small places. These wine cork planters are the answer to brighten up a family’s  kitchen without taking up space.  Succulents are very beautiful and require very little maintenance. Just mist a little water on them once a week. Supplies Required: Knife Screwdriver Wine Corks Glue […]


Lifestyle : Upcycled T-Shirt Tote

Don’t want to waste money on buying shopping totes or fill the landfill with plastic bags? Even more amazing is that only one percent of plastic bags in the United States get recycled each year. If you’re interested in doing your part I’ve got the perfect solution for even the not so crafty! Eco-friendly tote bags are easily made from […]