Health and Fitness: 6 Exercises To Build Your Core

By Evie Dawson Your core determines your strength. It is the powerhouse, so to make it work at its optimum should be on top of your priority. Remember, your core facilitates movement, protects your internal organs and the central nervous system and relieve you of the back pain. So there is no way you shouldn’t […]

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Kickass Torrents: Another Torrent Site Shut Down By US Government

I may be the last person to understand how this torrenting stuff works but I must not be the first to ask why. This article is not a snitch piece, it’s a you can learn everything you want from Google piece. While researching about the take down of Kickass Torrents I was blown away by […]

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Health and Fitness: How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

By Evie Dawson You know it! You believe It! You seldom practice it! Yes, that’s the irony with healthy lifestyle. We know that our lifestyle is responsible for our deteriorating health, but we do not do much about it. It is these habits that make our health good or bad. It should be regular and […]

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Living: The True Cost of a Gallon of Orange Juice

By Chris Bentley Do you know how much a gallon of orange juice costs? I know you might think it doesn’t really matter, right? Maybe you don’t care for orange juice. Or maybe you feel so passionately about orange juice that the price doesn’t matter. Or perhaps you only pay close attention to cat videos. […]

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Xbox One vs Playstation 4: A Gamer’s Battle

Since the rumors began of a next generation console from each of the reigning kings of video games (Sony and Microsoft), there has been a battle within the gaming community over which one would, or is, better. (Caveat! This battle has been going on since the original Xbox and Playstation consoles.) This article is meant […]