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Paris Attack: The Day After

Written by The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion Not even 24-hours later, the country of France is still reeling from the worst attack on its home soil since World War II. Over 120 people proclaimed dead, gunman who were involved in attacks (confirmed to be working with ISIS organization) also dead and a boy […]

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ISIS Leader Jihadi John believed to be dead

Written by The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion Multiple reports are confirming that the U.S. in cooperation with its Allied Powers has sent in and struck down an area where ISIS Leader Jihadi John was believed to be occupying. U.S. unmanned drone was sent in early this morning in a effort to end his […]

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Culture: Two British Highwaymen Who Stole More Than Just Business Letters

You’d imagine that the words “Stand and deliver!” would be uttered from the mouth of a thoroughly gallant, exuberantly handsome and well-groomed gentleman, whilst sitting on horseback, pistol in hand, eyes hidden behind a mask, and smiling broadly, while relieving carriage passengers of their belongings. But, really, the truth of the matter is far from […]

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The Spectator: Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Overblown And Idiotic

Over the last 48 hours, can you take a guess about what has trended all over social media? It is not the pathetic unraveling of GOP wunderkind Ben Carson and his presidential campaign,  nor is it LSU’s stud running back Leonard Fournette and his family being under NCAA investigation over making a profit on his […]

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Lifestyle: Finding The Right Printer For College, A Key To Success

Each year millions of students head off to school beginning their college education. They take with them a wide variety of materials, including a refrigerator, a new computer, clothing, and many other accessories that they will find necessary to be able to survive and thrive in their new college setting. This is an annual ritual […]

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Blog: The Truth about Marijuana, the Medicinal Drug

Marijuana is an herb that since time immemorial has been used for achieving euphoria. Is Marijuana a medicinal drug? This is yet to be confirmed though some people claim to have used it for medicinal value. As much as use of Marijuana is illegal is many countries, from 2737 B.C, marijuana was described in a […]

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The Hot Dog: “Sandwich or Not” The great debate

Written by The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion There is a certain food that has been at carnivals, circuses and ball parks for decades upon decades. It goes together like PB & J, man and woman, snap/crackle and pop. But recently the discussion has come up once again, a debate that just seems to […]