Joint Pain: 7 changes to reducing pain

By Annie Lizstan Humans cope with pain on a daily basis be it chronic or acute one. And although there are various types of pain and occurring for a number of reasons one of the most common especially in older people is joint pain. Joint problems are mostly manifested through pain and stiffness in certain […]


Beauty: How to upgrade your look

By Sujain Thomas To look your best, you must understand your whole body and the uniqueness of every feature. It is interesting how much your physical attributes can change with slight changes in contours or highlights on the neck, cheeks, etc. To help you look spectacular every day, keep the following tips in mind: Right […]


Health: Five sports that won’t aggravate your asthma

Having asthma can make you reluctant to try out some sports, or even do anything beyond gentle walking because you are concerned about having an asthma attack. In reality, for most asthmatic people, exercise is not that problematic, even if some sports trigger their asthma. As many as one in 12 Olympians at the 2016 […]


Lauren D’Antonio: Q and A With Model and Pop/R&B Singer

In the world of entertainment, there is a term that describes one who is versatile and can do many things such as sing, dance, act and model. That would be a “triple threat.” There are many triple-threat actresses, models and performers in Hollywood and the world of pop music such as Selena Gomez, Brittney Spears, […]

Fashion/Style Lifestyle

Five Fall Fashion ‘Must-Haves’ For Men

With fall officially here, now is the time to put away the swimming trunks, flip-flops, and t-shirts and bundle up for some chillier weather this season. For those who don’t know me pretty well, I have a background in retail in working at high-end stores such as the Banana Republic and Saks Fifth Avenue, as […]


Cooking Recipes: How to enhance the flavor of Barbecue Sauce

Have you ever been to a cookout and tasted what will account for the best barbecue sauce in the world? You head over to the cook and ask “where did you buy this from” and they just give you a smile? Right, there is the tell-tell sign that no stores sell it, that was their own […]


Tips for a healthier lifestyle

The top causes of death in America, as recorded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is heart diseases, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and suicide. More than seven of the top ten causes of death are chronic illnesses and diseases, as reported by another study. It is also said […]