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Travel: Some Tips to Choose the Perfect Resort to Spend Your Vacation

It is holiday time again, and with all the excitement and the fun comes a lot of planning and a whole lot of important decisions, ranging from the destination and the transportation to duration and accommodation. Each of these is a strictly personal choice, but you should do some research before coming to a decision. […]

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Living: Why Buying Residential Property In Stowe, VT Is A Smart Investment

There are places that always come highly recommended when it comes to residential property. Stowe, Vermont is one of such places. Located in one of America’s finest tourist destinations, Stowe is famed for having some real good real estate that will make anyone want to live here. It is especially a favored travel destination for […]

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420FL: We Smoke Hard, We Hit Hard

For years from college campuses to bars across this country the “sport” of Beer Pong has taken off. It was just another way for people to get drunk, and have an excuse to do so. While the poison that is alcohol was in the forefront, the natural and actually medicinal marijuana was always in the […]

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Living: What You Need To Know About Home Insurance

Home insurance is a type of property insurance used to cover privately owned residence. The policy comprises of several personal insurance protections such as loss of life expenses and loss of personal goods in case of an accident such as fire, floods, earthquake, and poor maintenance. The insurance policy will provide financial protection against disasters […]

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Fashion: Glam Up Your Bump This Fall With Chic Maternity Style!

Hey! Searching for crisp new maternity style this fall? If yes, then you expecting mommies have come to the perfect place. Everyone does some or the other thing to make her knocked-up look impressive. We have arrived to give you some motivation on commendable maternity looks that you can add-on to your own style! As […]

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Opinion: Why Being Politically Correct Is Incorrect

Editor and Publisher’s Note: Due to the nature of this content which contains offensive language, viewer discretion is advised. The view’s in this column do not reflect those of the Inscriber: Digital Magazine, it’s staff or employees. The not-so-recent Hulk Hogan controversy has really made me think of late, how could a man, who has […]

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Pop Culture: Five Comics That Need To Made Into Movies!

When Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster were finally able to introduce Superman to the world, not even they could have foreseen what comic books would have become. The comic book industry is at an all time high, with the boom of the big screen comic books have reached unimaginable heights. Movies like The Avengers and […]