12 Things Every Parent Should Know About Their Teens

Most parents say that raising children can be a difficult thing, especially for teens. As a matter of fact, for most parents, raising teens is extremely stressful and one of the most challenging demands of life. Often, we do not understand the teens, what they want and where they want to be in the future. […]


Universal Studios: What can be done to make the park more appealing to kids?

You don’t associate Universal Studios as a kid-friendly park. While there are attractions such as Minion Mayhem, Shrek 4D, and to some extent, Harry Potter, that bring young children through the turnstiles, it’s still considered a thrill seekers park. And with Disney spreading its pixie dust right around the corner, maybe it’s time Universal take […]


Cedar Point: Could Mean Streak be getting the RMC treatment?

If you’ve been to Cedar Point in the last decade, you’ve been left shaken up by Mean Streak. The wooden coaster has seen better days. As a result, Cedar Point decided to close the ride earlier this year permanently. However, that’s not to say it will ever open again, and maybe we’ll have a new […]

Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Wondering how to keep your health in check?

By Hillary Miles Sometimes, it’s not all about how fit you are. Sometimes all that will matter is whether you are healthy or not. For as long as you are healthy, you will always be fit. It will be in your capacity to ensure that you are fit. Your health is what you should care […]

Lifestyle Men

Men: 10 Facts To Make You Feel Better In Bed

By David Gomes It is in every man’s nature to be the best in everything he does. You want to be the best at work, the strongest among your friends, and the best in bed. Despite bragging about your sex moves and claiming you have a perfect sex life to your friends, you still realize […]


Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights still going strong after 26 years

Halloween isn’t just a time for pumpkins, candy, and costumes. It’s a time for haunted houses and scares. Perhaps nobody does this better than Universal Studios, who have been frightening guests for 26 years. And they are still going strong, making it one of the most successful theme park haunts in all of the world. […]


Is Cedar Point’s Millennium Force the best coaster in the world?

When it comes to roller coasters, one park stands tall above the competition. Located in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world, and for a good reason, as the park boasts the most impressive coaster collection of any theme park. Picking a favorite can be quite the daunting task, but […]