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Athleisure: From Seasonal Trend to Profitable Lifestyle

By Rebecca Kennedy When leggings in funky prints and matching stretchy hooded jackets started to show up in all the clothing stores, people called the groovy new trend nothing more than ‘a fad’. But now years later, the athleisure trend is still alive and kicking (sometimes literally). While the idea of ‘fashionable fitness’ started years […]

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Useful Tips for Taking Care of Seniors At Home

By Lucy Jones An overwhelming majority of people say that they would prefer to receive treatment and recuperate at home instead of a hospital in case they encounter a serious health issue. Consequently, it comes as no surprise to find that around 85% of family caregivers are tending to patients who live with them. While […]

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Fashion: Hot Style Tips For Indian Wedding Ceremonies

By Nidhi Jain The typical Indian wedding is traditionally much more than just a wedding; there’s music, dancing, henna application, games, and of course, a great deal of feasting. Typically, the Indian wedding is a crazy roller coaster of different events spread over a few days, including a number of pre-wedding rituals and fun that […]

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Home: Different Types Of Garage Shelving And Their Uses

By Lauren Bracy Shelves are the best way to have all your stuff organized. Garage shelving is convenient way of storing items in a home, garage or business, retailer shop. Shelves can be built in any space possible, of various dimensions and sizes as well. These shelves usually come in square, round, curved or rectangular […]

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Beauty: 5 Famous Faces Positively Living Through Rosacea

By Pauline Simons Is rosacea the reason holding you back from doing the things you love? If yes, how about breaking its hold and starting all over again because you’re not alone. Did you know the estimates from NRS showed, 16 million Americans alone suffer from rosacea, which includes some famous celebrities too, who have […]

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Business: How Can Your Brand Top The Game In 2017?

With such a large number of new enterprises being set up– and existing brands endeavoring to catch on to the big money success – brand development has never been more essential. It can be the most empowering and overpowering part of propelling your own business; all things considered, your image is the principal thing shoppers […]

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Lifestyle: How To Taste Beer Like A Pro

Beer isn’t all chuggable macro lager anymore. The craft beer movement has brought a previously unheard of number of new styles and tastes to the everyday beer drinker, and it’s useful to know how to find and appreciate those tastes. That’s not to say you should sit down, swirl, sniff, and slurp every beer like […]