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Parenting: Relax and Have Fun while Traveling with Children

By Megan P. Richardson Here’s a situation: You are a new parent. You used to love traveling, but you are now hesitant to do it because of the changes in your life brought about by parenthood. How can you enjoy traveling if you have a baby to take care of? How could you continue doing […]

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LED Shoes: 5 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Light-Up Trainers for Kids

By Jackie Dominic LED shoes are making a comeback into the fashion industry. People are now buying these shoes for their everyday wear and for other activities like sporting and dancing. The lights produced by these shoes make them more appealing to both adults and children. However, there are factors that you must consider when […]

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Parenting: How To Sleep With Your Newborn

As a father, husband and parent, if there is one thing that truly defines you as a man is seeing your newborn infant in its first few days of life. For all of our fantasy sport-loving, testosterone-fueled macho and manly persona, men are the biggest softies not named The Stay-Puff Marshallow Man when it comes […]

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Living: Why Family Caring Should Come First For A Parent

It is a strange irony that as the world we live in becomes more connected by means of technology, our family lives are being pulled apart often by the very same thing. I t has become increasingly common for families to sit in the same room and each have their eyes glued upon their smartphone […]

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How to Parent on An Airplane: 6 Tips To Make Traveling With Kids Easily

By Aliza Sartor There’s nothing more exhilarating than the promise of world travel, and there’s nothing better than traveling with your beloved family. But, if you’ve ever tried to take young children on an airplane, you know how difficult and potentially hazardous this can be. From crying babies soliciting groans to precocious children kicking the […]

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Parenting: Top 10 Baby Sleep Tips That Will Help You Get More Sleep

Sleep is very important to babies’ health and development. If your baby does not get enough sleep, he may have trouble getting through the day and especially a night. As a parent, it is good to know that napping actually helps a baby to sleep easily at night, so it is a wrong belief that […]

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Parenting: Why your child should not be considered your best friend

Over the years I’ve heard parents say that they consider their child to be their best friend. I get it, some parents are close to their children but at no point should a parent ever place their child in the same bracket as a peer. There are too many things that can go wrong. I knew a […]