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Business: Top Tips for Selecting a Scaffolding Hire

By Lauren Bracy During some instances, it is very important for the customer to hire a pro rather than planning something and constructing scaffolding on their own. However, selecting the wrong scaffolding hire can lead to many delays, legal issues, and substandard work. To avoid this there are certain set of guidelines that individuals can […]

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Home Decor: What To Consider When Choosing a Stainless Steel Balustrade

By Hayley Potter Stainless steel balustrading can add a classy and striking touch to your indoor or outdoor areas while providing added safety, whether it’s on a staircase or balcony. However, like with all other home improvement additions, it’s well worth researching and making an informed decision before investing in a stainless steel balustrade. Here […]

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Importance Of Optimal Components And Safety Precautions While Operating Crane Trucks

By Amelie Lawrence Mobile crane trucks are widely used in industrial areas for lifting and transporting goods and materials from one place to another and thus an essential part of such undertakings. With the use of such heavy machinery in construction areas, it is also vital to follow certain safety considerations while operating it. Accidents […]

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Living: The Evolution Of Vacuum Cleaners

By James Menta A vacuum cleaner is one of those things that we take for granted and never imagine what our lives would be like without them. But, today, we take a trip down the memory lane, from the carpet sweepers and hand operated cleaning machines to the modern high-end vacs. The evolution of vacuum […]

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Disney’s World of Pandora: Flight of the Na’vi

Yesterday I was able to experience Walt Disney World of Pandora. Specifically, the ride called Flight of Passage.  It is based on the movie Avatar, a 2009 film that grossed over $2 billion. It’s located in the Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida.  The wait times for this ride has been anywhere from 130 minutes to […]

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Introduction to The Sophisticated Process of Welding

By Lauren Bracy In recent times, the introduction of different types of fabrication process to make high quality products with exclusive features has become rampant. While fabricating a material, numerous methods are applied and welding is one among them. It is a wonderful sculptural or fabrication process, used to join materials like thermoplastics or metals […]