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New York City minimum wage will rise to $15 by December 2018

For residents of New York City, the time has come for a little breathing room. While this is a great city to visit, at times we permanent residents often envy the tourist. Unlike other states and countries, NYC does not have a tourist season, it’s year-round here. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and other historic landmarks […]

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Living: Want to Boost Your Mind and Improve Memory? Sex Is The Answer

While most people appreciate sex because it builds intimacy, because it is pleasurable, because it is healthy, and because it is fun, a new study has found yet another reason why sex can be good for you. The study which was conducted by a group of researchers from The Manchester University found that older adults […]

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Living: 17 Reasons Why Your Medical Claim Was Rejected

By Stephanie Banks Healthcare is an important human need and when you fall ill, you expect that your insurance will cover your medical costs and settle the bill presented to them. Unfortunately, not all claims are accepted and yours could be one of the rejects. This is devastating and to avoid a repeat of the […]

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Beauty: Stop Doing This To Your Skin Right Now!

By Melissa Mellie What is your skincare routine like? Are you getting the results you want? Well, a close observation of how well your skin has fared in the last few years can say the whole truth. You may not have realised or are very well unaware of your mistakes that are leading your skin […]

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5 Reasons You Need To Improve Your Business Writing Skills to Succeed

By Gloria E. Kopp Effective communication is essential if you want to get ahead at work. Many people feel that writing skills aren’t as important as they used to be, but that isn’t the case. if you want to get noticed at work, you need to work on them. It is possible to improve them […]

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Lifestyle: 3 Tips For Athletes Who Want Increased Productivity

Over the last two decades, working hours have increased by 15% whereas leisure time has reduced by 33%, Shirley Fine Lee reveals in her time management fact sheet. With so much to do in such less time, it is mandatory that you start planning your day ahead to get rid of all the unnecessary tasks […]

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Living: The True Cost of a Gallon of Orange Juice

By Chris Bentley Do you know how much a gallon of orange juice costs? I know you might think it doesn’t really matter, right? Maybe you don’t care for orange juice. Or maybe you feel so passionately about orange juice that the price doesn’t matter. Or perhaps you only pay close attention to cat videos. […]