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Marketing: How to Establish a Meaningful Brand

By Ashley Kornee Building a brand that means something to your customers and connects with them on a personal level is a feat that many companies fail to achieve. For some, it’s hard to connect because of the niche nature of their business. For others, it’s a matter of bad decisions that lead to loss […]

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Media and Marketing: Six Effective Conventional Business Promotion Methods in NYC

By Korisnik Today, when business owners think about promoting their business, digital marketing like social media ads and search marketing come to mind. But are the conventional advertising methods no longer effective? The truth is the traditional methods play a significant role in a holistic marketing campaign. Using one or more of the following old […]

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Media and Marketing: How To Get and Keep Followers On Social Media

By Chelsea Ann Dowdell Why is it that some people have thousands of followers and others have none? It can’t be the quality of their content. Quite often you’ll find some obscure writer that still makes perfectly valid points and does so eloquently. And yet still they don’t really get noticed. The trick, quite simply, […]

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5 Best Kept SEO Secrets For Social Media Marketers

By Cindy Hawthorne For far too long, SEO and social media have been handled as separate marketing entities. Most brands running their marketing campaigns have different teams working on each one. However, time is ripe for these strategies to be used alongside each other. If played out right, SEO efforts can amplify social media marketing […]

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How Dentists Can Gain Mileage From SEO Campaigns

By Maria Jones Unlike doctors who have a wider scope of being employed, the majority of dentists are more likely to ply their trade at clinics that they work for or set up on their own. Whatever may be the case, the clinics are akin to any other business establishments that have to rely on […]

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Is Your Business Falling Back? Check Out The Latest Digital Signage Trends And Benefits

By Charlie Brown Digital marketing is indeed the future of marketing but that is old news. What’s creating the new buzz? Digital signage and outdoor marketing are the new trends that are taking over digital marketing with gusto. The delight is more about the savings and increased profits associated with the adoption of digital signage […]

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INSCMagazine: Are You Interested In A Career in Journalism or Social Media?

How passionate are you about sports, do you have a favorite team or player and get frustrated reading articles or listening as some commentator rips your team’s performance? It’s hard to defend them to a writer you may never come in contact with but imagine how it would feel to become THAT writer. You have […]