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Men: Use Trenbolone for Better Muscle Building and Cutting

Steroids, if used properly, can help gain better results in developing muscles and creating ripped, defined and cutting looks. Anabolic steroids that help in melting fats from the body are popular among athletes, glamour stars, fitness models and bodybuilders. While there are many fat loss compounds available, Trenbolone is often regarded as the best anabolic […]

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Hypersexuality: The Truth About Sexual Addiction

Exploring the difference between a high sex drive and dysfunctional hypersexuality Hypersexuality, also known as compulsive sexual behavior or sexual addiction, is a condition in which a person feels unable to control their own sexual behavior (Walton, Cantor, & Lykins, 2015). Although the name of the condition suggests a higher-than-normal sex drive, simply having a […]

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Sledge Hammer! Q and A With MMA Fighter and Surgery Survivor, Nathaniel Hampton

Foreword By Victoria Hampton On January 3rd, 2011 Nathaniel R. Hampton began chasing his dream of someday retiring 20 years from the military in Spec Ops and also soon began fighting as a MMA fighter. Unfortunately, on March 15th, 2015, his lifelong dream of being in the military career and competitive MMA fighting crumbled when […]

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Should Men Consider Getting Circumcised to Last Longer in Bed?

Exploring the connection between circumcision status and premature ejaculation There is a rumor going around that men who are circumcised are better lovers. Why? It is thought that men who have been “snipped” are better able to control their sexual longevity and their need to orgasm, since they are supposedly “desensitized” due to the removal […]

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Showbiz! One-On-One With ‘Bromans’ Star, Tian Delgado

A new take on a growing genre, ITV’s new reality show, ‘Bromans’, that places eight modern-day couples in Ancient Rome, is one of the most anticipated of 2017. In being compared to everything from Love Island to Survivor, Bromans will ultimately find its way across the pond to American eyes. In this one-on-one interview, I […]

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Mancessories: 5 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowd

To stand out in the crowd nowadays seems more difficult than ever since everybody happens to look the same. Due to the internet fashion trends that everyone follows as well as the clothes mass production, everyone looks as if are wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music and share the same lifestyle. Since […]

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Cars: All You Need to Know About the New Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

The new Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is something to get excited about for many reasons. The super-powered car competes with brands like Mercedes-AMG C63, Cadillac ATS-v, and BMW M3 series, therefore it cannot afford to fall behind its game. Quadrifoglio means four-clover leaves and this symbol represents fabulous race car winnings in the history of Alfa […]