Woman Crush Wednesday: Why Paige VanZant Is MMA’s Hottest Knockout!

Strong. Sexy. Fit. Dangerous.

That is how one would best describe MMA bombshell Paige VanZant.

Known as “12 Gauge”, the 23-year-old 5’4, 115-pound strawweight and Dundee, Oregon native has a 7-3 W-L record with two wins by knockout, two by submission and three by decision. Her three losses are two via submission and one via decision.

Trained in a mixture of styles including boxing, shoot fighting, Muay Thai and BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu), is a versatile fighter who can fight as a striker or as a grappler.

In a sport as violent as mixed martial arts with other notable female fighters such as Gina Carano, Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, the blond-haired stunner is a winner in and out of the octagon.

Outside of ring, VanZant has appeared in magazines such as HERS, MAXIM and most recently as a runner-up on ABC’s uber-popular competition show, Dancing With The Stars, and most recently was announced as one of 16 celebrities to appear on Food Network’s celebrity cooking show, Chopped. One of MMA’s most marketable fighters, VanZant also has a deal with shoe and apparel giant, Reebook.

Fighting inside the octagon, modeling outside of it, VanZant also has her beautiful blue eyes set on Hollywood.

Per TMZ, VanZant pulled out of her first acting role, Kickboxer: Retaliation alongside Mike Tyson and Hafpor Julius Bjornsson—a.k.a. Mountain from “Game of Thrones”—to focus on her upcoming fight with Bec Rawlings

Truly one of the brightest stars in MMA, VanZant’s star and brand—like her current record—is only set to get brighter and accumulate a few more wins—on what is an already impressive belt.

Thanks to the exploding success of mixed martial arts and popularity of the UFC, MMA is here to stay indefinitely. Don’t be shocked if VanZant is one of the biggest reasons why.

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

Men: Top 5 Yoga Poses To Deal Premature Ejaculation Permanently

Premature ejaculation can affect anyone and can leave one (or both) partners unsatisfied after sex. While there are not specific guidelines for diagnosing the disorder, it is considered to be present in a man if he ejaculates at a time during sexual intercourse before he can completely satisfy himself and his partner.

This is the main symptoms of premature ejaculation, and a lot of men experience this. Some men do experience the symptoms more than others, and if a man does find it hard to control his ejaculations effectively, then the problem may become more frequent and severe.

Mayo Clinic points out that up to 33% of all men experience these symptoms at some point in their lives and that the average man with the condition ejaculates within two minutes after penetration.

Even though the problem is common, it does not cause erectile dysfunction, which is good news for a lot of men who experience the symptoms of this sexual health condition. Fortunately, treatment options are also available to help delay the duration of sexual intercourse and offer the man better control of their own ejaculations. The most common techniques that are used to treat premature ejaculation includes the use of antidepressant medications, behavioral therapy, using specific anti-depressants and topical products, such as a spray or gel, that is applied directly to the penis for delayed ejaculations.

Physical exercise can also help a man cope with this problem, just like yoga has been shown to offer potential long-term benefits for men who are experiencing the symptoms of this sexual disorder.

  1. Bhadrasana

The Bhadrasana pose is also called the throne and diamond pose. It is a powerful form of yoga that relieves stiffness in different parts of the body.

The yoga pose can also improve blood flow to ligaments and muscles that are located in the genital area; thus leading to better erections. Increased muscle strength, including Kegel muscle strength, can also help to prevent premature ejaculation. Start by sitting flat on the floor and stretch your legs out. Fold both of your legs and bring them closer to each other until their soles touch, then hold your toes with both hands.

Pull your legs inwards toward your body while they rest on the floor. Your spine should be kept straight, and you should relax your entire back. Hold the position for a while and then release.

  1. Siddhasana

The Siddhasana pose is often called the accomplished male pose. While this pose will not directly treat premature ejaculation or provide any significant benefits for the Kegel or pelvic muscles, it does lower stress levels and relieves anxiety. Anxiety has been linked to premature ejaculation, which means the pose will indirectly help you last longer. The Siddhasana is very similar to the Bhadrasana, but the feet should be placed differently. The left foot is placed underneath the body, and the right foot is then placed on top of the left foot.

Your knees should be touching the floor, and your spine should make a straight vertical line. Rest your hands on your knees and maintain the position for a while.

  1. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

A shorter, easier to remember the name for the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana is the pigeon pose. This yoga pose has long been used to improve sexual desire and to support the reproductive system. It also increases the amount of blood that flows to the pelvic area and helps to relax muscles in the groin region. The pigeon pose also relieves back pain, nerve tension and relaxes the hip rotator muscles.

To do the pigeon pose, get into an asana position. Fold the ring finger and thumb of the right hand together, as well as the middle finger and thumb of the left hand.

  1. Bhaddha Konasana

The Bhaddha Konasana is also called the butterfly pose. It is often practiced to reduce blood pressure, relief the symptoms of asthma and to treat certain diseases. The pose also stimulates blood circulation, and it supports many organs in the body. Men can also benefit from the fact that the Bhaddha Konasana reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, as well as fatigue. Start in a seated position and bring your feet together. The soles of your feet should meet, and they should not be close to your body.

Lean forward in a folding movement, while resting your hands on both feet. Maintain the position for as long as you are comfortable, then roll up gradually until you are back to the starting position.

  1. Ananda Balasana

The Ananda Balasana pose is perfect for relaxing both the body and the mind. It is also known as the happy baby pose. The pose not only relaxes the body but also reduces stress and helps you fight against the onset of fatigue. These benefits may delay your ejaculations and even lead to a harder erection. This three-step yoga pose is very easy to do. Start by laying on your back. Exhale while bending your knees toward your belly. While inhaling, you need to grab onto the outside parts of your feet and bend your knees so that they are wider apart than the width of your torso.

Your ankles should be positioned in line with your knees. Flex your heels, then push upwards into both hands with your feet. During this motion, you need to produce a resistance by pulling downwards with your hands.


Yoga is a popular exercise that is practiced by many people, including men. Apart from the benefits yoga has on weight management and muscle strength, it can also be used to control better the muscles that are needed during ejaculation. Better control over these muscles means the man is in control of his ejaculations. Practicing these yoga poses will help you achieve a better sex drive and pleasure your partner without worrying about being the first to finish. When combined with a herbal male enhancement supplement, such as PriMale, progress can be made faster, and premature ejaculation can be treated without medical interventions.

Men: Top 10 Colognes To Impress A Woman

By John Torgerson

Perfumes are one of the best ways to instantly boost one’s confidence with one simple spritz. But, what you might not be aware of is that one right fragrance can drive women crazy.

Therefore, most of the men while shopping for colognes choose to go for classic and timeless scents that women often love. Though what’s important to remember is not just only to find a cologne that women love, but the one which also complements your own personality as well.

Keeping these factors in our mind, we researched and picked out the top 10 cologne for men you ought to try.

Aqua Di Gio Profumo – Giorgio Armani: The fragrance of this long lasting cologne is aquatic, woody, and aromatic. With the perfect mix of spices and citrus notes, it gives way to subtle tones of geranium, sage, and rosemary. What makes it great is the fact that it is the best solution for men with all sorts of personalities. So, if you ever get confused, without a second thought pick this one out of the crowd.

Lacoste LIVE: Truth be told, Lacoste L! IVE is a badass lady-killer. You would want to watch out for women following you while wearing it. Since lime with a bit of woodsy smoke is the perfect fragrance for all those men out there with a creative approach in both style and substance.

Bleu De Chanel – Chanel: This one is yet another classic lady-killer, the Casanova of fragrances. Its woody aromatic fragrance with the blends of citrus notes creates a sophisticated and seductive scent to make way for a spicy undertone as the day progress.

Versace Eros – Versace: Named after the Greek god of love and the son of goddess Aphrodite – EROS, this is one of the top 10 colognes for men known for being seductive and sexy. Vanilla, Mint and Tonka bean being its strongest notes makes it sweet and masculine at the same time. Thus great for every season, day and night.

Davidoff – The Game: The Game by Davidoff is a strong and a sublime woody aromatic fragrance for men. It starts with a striking and powerful signature aromatic juniper berry, wrapped in gin fizz accord for a burst of freshness and exuberance that lasts all day long. If you wish to play the game of life with seduction, you know which cologne to look for.

Bvlgari Aqua: Bvlgari Aqua is one of the most expensive yet sought after perfumes throughout the world. And, thus deserving a spot on the top 10 cologne for men list. It gives a strong husky, yet a cool ocean like refreshing scent which is not just long lasting, but also blends nicely with the natural body scent.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red: Gentlemen, in case you want, seem a little daring and bold to the beautiful ladies out there. You got to try Ralph Lauren Polo Red and add a little x-factor to your game. As this one cologne is created from the perfect blend of red grapefruit fragrance, red saffron, redwood, and citrus.

Creed Aventus: Most of the men around the world who have used it at least once can attest the fact that they would certainly choose it again over others. The reason why you would do the same is because of its mature and masculine scent which can be worn year round. Despite having a long lasting effect with a medium silage it doesn’t overpower.

Homme By David Beckham: The scent of Homme screams athletic, yet sexy quite naturally as it’s inspired by the innate masculine ex-soccer David Beckham. What makes it so is the mix hints of citrus, cashmere wood, pine, and leather balanced by mahogany and musk notes.

This scent thus has the ability to take you directly from the field to the boardroom meeting with a perfect twist.

So, which one of these top 10 cologne for men have you tried? Do, plan to get one of these classic ones in case you haven’t, especially if you wish to impress the women around you.

Author Bio: John Torgerson is a freelance writer and a a grooming expert. You can either catch him styling or if not that writing. He is a strong advocate of body hygiene because he believes nothing attracts a woman more.

Men: Does Beard Balm Help Beard Growth?

By Emma Jones

Women love handsome hunks with beards. They find themselves enthralled when they get to have a look of those fine beards – may it be the Van Dyke beard, Petite Goatee or the classic French beard!

Since beards signify your manliness and attracts girls all around you, you must be really particular about treating it well. You don’t want to end up with rough or wiry beards.

It is very important that you become a sight for sore eye for all the gals, pals!

For getting the crème-de-la-crème beards that will blow everyone’s minds away, you need the best product for its treatment and nourishing – Beard Balms!

Yes, you heard right. Beard Balms are now booming in the markets that can find the solutions to all your problems regarding your beard.

The next question that might be popping into your minds – do these Beard Balms help beard grow?

Well, they do grow – from the looks of it. A marvelous Beard Balm has all natural moisturizers and sealants that moisturizes, conditions and provides shape and style to your beard and it makes your beard thicker with the beard growing stimulants inside it – Mamma Mia!

Beards balms are an all-in-one moisturizer, conditioner and all-natural styling companion that are meant for what you need – to make your beard thicker and dope.

Now, let us come over to the best ways of applying thing beard wonder.

You can use beard soap with natural ingredients blended into it and then apply beard balm after it gets dry. This combo will provide you with stupendous results.

Beard balm helps to nourish your facial hair right from the roots – always works! The natural beard balms contents read – Shea Butter and Beeswax, which are the best when it concerns to your beard hair.

Some of the best beard balms are – Beard Bolt XL, GBS Top Shelf Bourbon and Bay Rum Beard Balm, Hamilton Jackson Beard Bam, Scotch Porter, Honest Amish and the list goes on.

You can choose any of them according to your preferences and needs. Beard Balm helps your beard grow so that you have the best results – thicker and bulkier beards.

We will here talk about four of them which are the best beard balms as of now.

1. Beard Bolt XL is considered among the best beard growth marvels. It has the astoundingly amazing oils that can assure mind-boggling growth and bulkiness of your beard.

This beard balm is an all-natural beard stimulant that can help you to style your beard hair the way you want.

2. GBS Top Shelf Bourbon and Bay Rum Beard Balm plays wonders when it comes to your beard. It has all natural essential ingredients that play a paramount role in conditioning and moisturizing your beard hair.

It has got the finest butter and oil inside it that suits your beard the best. Some of the ingredients of this fine beard balm are – Shea Butter Bees Wax, Aloe Vera, Almond-Jojoba-Apricot-Coconut Oil etc.

3. Hamilton Jackson Beard Bam is a natural and organic handcraft-based product that helps to condition and nourish your beard hair. The beard balm contains myriad of vitamins and nutrients that are vital for enhancing the growth of your beard hair.

The special formula of this beard balm helps to avoid the itchiness and inflammation that may be occurring in your beard from time-to-time. The ingredients inside it give it an alluring and mesmerizing smell – Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and many more.

4. Scotch Porter saves your beard nirvana from all the trouble that it might be into. It is possible that your beard is feeling itchy, rough and dry since a few days.

Since you worked so hard on it to be the way it is right now, it is very important to get the best for your beard so that it is nourished. Scotch Porter here can help to moisturize the skin underneath your beard and the beard hair strands so that it avoids the itchiness and dryness.

It can smoothen your skin and provide you with a handsome-looking beard. Some of the ingredients include – Nettle leaf, Elm Bark, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Marsh Marrow root, Shear Butter etc

Men: Why A Good Pair Of Sunglasses Are Vital This Summer

Men, my fellow brothers, if there is one must-have accessory you cannot be without this summer, is a good pair of sunglasses.

Whether they are designer frames from Ralph Lauren or Gucci, or even store-bough from CVS, a pair of sunglasses is vital this coming summer due to the bright rays and glare from the sun.

Whatever reason you have for wanting or having a pair of sunglasses, here are my personal reasons why it’s a smart eye care investment to have a pair of shades nearby.

The Mr. Cool Factor: Perhaps this is me being born in the 70’s—Born in 1976, Bicentennial baby!—or just because I can, there is just something cool, stylish and downright pimp when it comes to wearing a pair of sunglasses, inside or outside.

Obviously, every man is his own man, but if you’re a bro who wants to add a touch of style to his everyday gear, a pair of good sunglasses may be a smart investment.

Block out UV Radiation: With summer right around the corner, the concentration of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is also at its highest. If you wish to avoid such potential UV exposure to your own eyes, buying a pair of shades with UV-anti glare coating is the way to go.

The Transition Game: If you are one of many—like me, for example—who own a pair of sunglasses, but need a pair of eyewear that can also protect you from the sun, a pair of transition eyeglasses maybe what you’re looking for.

Transition—or progressive—glasses, which gradually change color according to the amount of light, are one of the trendiest accessories in fashion today. Not only will they give your prescription eye wear—and your eyes—protection from the sun, but also change colors too.

Protection from Eye Strain: For all of their chicness and style, one underrated benefit of owning a pair of sunglasses, is that they help against eye strain. Whether it is looking at a smartphone, LCD or even outside, our eyes are exposed to some form of light every day 24-7.

Because of this, there are not special sets of computer glasses that have anti-glare coating to help cut down on potential eye strain.

Those are my five reasons why you need a good pair of sunglasses this season. Whether it is for style or need, the perfect pair of shades adds that proverbial oomph to every man’s look.

Good hunting, bros!

Men: 5 Foods To Boost Your Sex Life This Spring

Sex is an important part of every relationship and, let’s face it; everybody loves it. Sexual intercourse makes you feel great due to the release of feel-good chemicals, and it’s a great way to connect with your partner.

However, just like everything in your life, sex needs effort and a little bit of work from your side.

It’s not enough to just take your clothes off and “do it” or try out different positions. To truly have unforgettable, mind-blowing sex you have to consider your lifestyle too. Physical activity levels and diet are factors that have a major influence on the way you perform between the sheets.

You are probably wondering why your diet is important in the first place to improve sex drive. Well, optimal sexual health requires different nutrients, healthy blood flow, and so on.

What you can do is to eat a well-balanced diet and increase the intake of these five foods, especially this fall.

  1. Avocados

Did you know that Aztecs referred to avocados as ahuácatl meaning testicles? Yes, that’s correct and it was due to the suggestive shape of this delicious fruit.

According to some stories, Aztecs used avocados as sexual stimulants. They even forbade virgin girls to leave their houses during the avocado harvest season in fear that powers of avocado will overwhelm them in a way they’ll want to have sex.

Avocado is rich in folic acid which breaks down protein and increases energy levels in your body. Moreover, it is a great source of unsaturated fats which are necessary for hormone production, particularly testosterone.

Basically, the fruit is beneficial for your heart and everything that’s good for your heart is also amazing for your genitals.

  1. Almonds

You’ve probably heard or read about a wide array of aphrodisiacs, but the chances are high almonds wasn’t one of them. But, you’ll be happy to know almond is one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs although it is usually overlooked in favor of oysters and such.

Ancient Persians would put almonds together with flower petals to perfume them and add them to desserts to gain the sensual benefits of these nuts. Even today you can find almond-scented bath and body products.

Additionally, there are almond-scented candles which can help you create a romantic and sensual atmosphere during a wild night of headboard-banging sex.

Moreover, almonds are nutrient-dense and rich in a variety of minerals that are essential for sexual health and function: zinc, magnesium, selenium, and Vitamin E. These nuts also contain a high amount of amino acid arginine, which dilates or relaxes the blood vessels and improves blood circulation throughout your body, including your genital region.

  1. Meat

Here’s something that meat lovers will approve – to have a better sex life, you can also consume different types of meat, particularly grass-fed beef.


This meat contains carnitine and L-arginine, amino acids that improve blood flow. As it was mentioned above, great sex also depends on your blood flow, when it reaches all the key areas i.e. your genitals, that’s how you get aroused.

Meat is also a great source of zinc, a mineral that plays a role in testosterone production. A study from the journal Nutrition found that this mineral modulates serum testosterone levels. For example, participants with an insufficient amount of zinc in their bodies also had low testosterone.

In fact, doctors and scientists recommend increased zinc intake to men who want to boost their testosterone levels.

  1. Cranberries

It’s easy to find cranberries, particularly during Fall, and you should definitely try to eat them more often. They are incredibly beneficial for your health and sex life at the same time.

Cranberries are rich in Vitamin B which improves the body’s ability to control sex. This is particularly important for your sex drive. Your libido has numerous enemies and stress is one of them. Stress indicate higher levels of the hormone cortisol in your body.

The problem here is that cortisol blocks the effects of testosterone, thus affecting your desire to have sex in the first place. You’ve already experienced it; whenever you feel like you’re under a lot of stress, sex drive diminishes.

It’s also important to mention that cranberries relieve symptoms linked to urinary tract problems in men, which is yet another reason to eat this delicious fruit.

Eat cranberries alone, make juice (without sugar), add them to your oatmeal, ways to consume them are numerous.

  1. Brussels sprouts

We usually think that foods for better sex life should be exotic, and most of them are.

However, there are some foods that aren’t exotic at all, most people don’t even like to eat them, but they’re incredibly beneficial for their sexual performance and functionality.

A great example of this statement is Brussels sprouts. Just answer this question: are they on your list of top five (or even ten) favorite foods? The answer is “no way”, right? You’re not alone!

But this spring, you should still strive to consume this vegetable more often. First of all, they are known to improve fertility in both men and women. Second, they contain a substance called indole-3-carbinol, which reduces estrogen levels.

Since I3C suppresses estrogen, it not only helps fight estrogen-enhanced cancers in women, but it can also help men improve their testosterone levels and libido.

They work similarly to testosterone boosters you can find on the market. Products like Prime Male and others usually contain ingredients that suppress estrogen levels in men to encourage production of testosterone. So, start including more Brussels sprouts into your menu.

Due to their distinctive smell, you shouldn’t eat them right before you hit the sack.

Conclusion: Sex life depends on a wide array of factors even your diet. While it is always beneficial to adhere to a well-balanced eating pattern, some foods have the tremendous ability to benefit your sex life in numerous ways.

Some do it by improving blood flow; others boost production of sex hormones, and so on.

This spring, include five items from this article in your diet and revolutionize your sex life. Make more effort by increasing levels of physical activity too.

Virectin Review: All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement of 2017

Let’s face it; we all want to have better sex, more intense orgasms, and a more frequent intercourse at the same time.

Nobody should be satisfied with having sex two or three times a month. However, there comes the time when you experience certain problems with erection, arousal, and overall sexual desire.

These problems occur due to a variety of factors including lower testosterone levels. To combat these problems now we have the opportunity to buy dietary supplements out of which Virectin is the #1 rated product.

Does it deserve this lucrative title? This review aims to answer that question!

What is Virectin?

Virectin is a male enhancement supplement created specifically to help men improve their sex lives. As mentioned above, it poses as the #1 rated male enhancement product on the market.

The supplement is accompanied by a user-friendly and informative website where you can learn more about Virectin and how it functions.

Plus, there is a useful FAQ section which is an important advantage considering that most products on the market provide little to no info to the customers.

Who manufactured Virectin?

The manufacturer of this product is a company called Gentopia Labs whose mission is to produce effective and scientifically advanced supplements.

The brand utilizes the latest methods and adheres to the industry standards in order to provide effective and safe products.

Unlike many other supplements whose manufacturer is unknown, Virectin features a special section on the official website to allow potential and current users to get to know the company behind the product.

How does it work?

The supplement works by increasing testosterone levels in the body, thus allowing men to experience higher sex drive, more stamina, and energy, all of which are necessary for sexual health and function.

Regular consumption of the supplement improves blood flow which is the crucial component of strong, hard, long-lasting erections. Men who take Virectin report improved sexual arousal and they have sex more frequently than before.

With long-lasting erections and more stamina, they’re able to enjoy marathon sex sessions with their significant others.

Ingredient list

Virectin ingredients are safe. Thanks to the all-natural formula which includes these components:

• Ashwagandha root – increases sex hormone levels, intensifies sexual performance

• Avena sativa – aphrodisiac, libido-boosting properties, improves overall sexual function

• Cnidium monnieri – relieves erectile dysfunction, improves libido and sexual desire

• Damiana – libido booster

• Epimedium – boosts testosterone levels, improves stamina and libido

• Fenugreek seed – augments sex hormone levels in the body, has libido-boosting properties

• Gingko biloba – improves brain function, promotes healthy blood flow

• L-arginine – promotes release of nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels

• Maca root – improves libido and overall sexual function

• Mucuna pruriens – improves libido, enhances testosterone levels, improves sexual satisfaction

• Niacin – helps the body synthesize sex hormones

• Saw palmetto – promotes prostate health, aphrodisiac properties

• Selenium – improves sexual desire and sperm quality and quantity boosts testosterone levels

• Tongat ali – boosts testosterone levels

• Tribulus terrestris – enhances performance, improves libido, increases testosterone levels

• Zinc – vital for production of testosterone

How many capsules are in the bottle?

One bottle contains 90 capsules.

Dosage instructions

To get the most out of Virectin you should take three capsules on an empty stomach every day.

Make sure you take the capsules with plenty of water. Some men experience results with a lower dose as well. The manufacturer recommends starting with three capsules and then you can modify your dose based on how you feel, but don’t exceed three capsules a day.

Side effects of Virectin

Virectin isn’t associated with side effects and users didn’t report any negative caused by this product. All this means that this supplement is safe for consumption, which is yet another important benefit of Virectin.

Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

While Virectin is safe for consumption, there are some precautions you should bear in mind.

For example, if you have some health condition e.g. diabetes, kidney, heart, or thyroid disease and so on, or you’re taking medications you should consult your doctor before you buy this or any other product of this type.

Your doctor will inform you whether the supplement could interfere with medications you’re taking.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the manufacturer provides a 60-day money back guarantee, which is amazing. Most brands usually go for 15-day or 30-day money back guarantees, while others don’t offer this option at all.

Where to buy Virectin?

You can buy Virectin on the official website exclusively. To help you get the product, experience its benefits, and save some money at the same time, the manufacturer arranged various special offers. They are:

• 1 bottle – $44.95

• 4 bottles + 1 free bottle – $179.80

• 5 bottles + 1 free Vazogel – $224.75

• 6 bottles + 2 free bottles – $269.70

You can also use the coupon from the website to get 10% discount. Also, all orders over $60 qualify for free shipping.

Final verdict

Finally, Virectin deserves the title of the best male enhancement supplement in 2017. Natural formula is accompanied by affordable price and high quality as well as effective and guaranteed results. If you’re looking for a dietary supplement to improve your sex life, then you should definitely consider this one as well.