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Game of Thrones: The Economy of Westeros! (Infographic)

Hailed as one of the most popular TV shows of all time, Game of Thrones brought the fantasy genre into the mainstream with its depiction of a violent, continent-wide power struggle. While many viewers tune in for the bloodshed, nudity and dragons – there are a lot of subtle intricacies that make the fictional world […]

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Money: The True Cost Of Being A Baseball Fan! (Infographic)

Each year, as baseball season begins, thousands of fans from across the nation venture out to see their favorite team play. The question is, what can it cost to show your support? From the lifelong supporter to the fresh fan, we have uncovered the true cost of supporting each MLB team; factoring in everything from […]

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Money: The Cost of Life or How Much People Need to Be Happy

There is a general perception held about what revolves around being happy in life. Arguably, the amount of income earned has been on the center stage when it comes to the issue of happiness. However, there has been a continuous debate on the truth about this connection. Is it certain that happiness will rise with […]

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Money: 5 Saving and Investing Tips for Young Professionals

  There’s no skipping the stage called adulting, which is one of the many things that millennials like you fear as this is where you get real jobs and deal with real problems. As yuppies or young professionals, managing your money is a difficult feat. There are those who are earning an overwhelmingly large amount […]

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Money: 12 Ways To Utilize Big Data For Increased Profits

Imagine being able to track your luggage through a mobile device. Delta Airlines is the first to provide this facility to its customers, and it became possible thanks to big data. 130 million bags are checked into the airline every year, so they used this information for the benefit of their customers. Their app has […]

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Financial Advising for the Athletic Elite: Managing an Athlete’s Money

Athletes live lives of luxury — there’s no doubt about that. It’s more surprising for us to hear about a professional sports star who lives in a conservative family home and drives the same car he or she always has than to hear about the latest multi-million dollar house or high-end car purchased by an […]

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Money: Ways To Properly Manage Your Personal Finance

Staying Out Of Debt As it turns out, in many scenarios, a small business’s financial situation mirrors that of an individual. This is true even in a legal sense—after all, a corporation can be defined as a “person” in certain courts. What this means is that watching the way small businesses handle debt can serve […]

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Personal Finance: 6 Key Factors That You Need to Know About Home Loans

By Daisy Andrew Any amount of money borrowed from bank or financial institution on fixed/variable rate of interest and some terms of payment for purchasing or construction of house is termed home loan. When the amount of loan and interest is repaid, the lender gives back the deed/ title of property to the borrower. The […]

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United States Supreme Court Strikes Down Trademark Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that the federal government’s ban on offensive trademark registrations violates the First Amendment, handing the Washington Redskins a final victory in a decades-long battle over the team’s name. The high court’s decision, in which all eight participating justices agreed on the key finding, came in a separate case filed […]

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Living: Wondering Whether Debt Consolidation Is For You Or Not?

By Isabella Rossellini When it comes to business, risk is one of the things that you must learn to take. It is through risks that you learn from your mistakes. Some of the risks that you can take may include taking loans from different sources, which you will have to pay after a certain period. […]