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Why DC will never pass Marvel at the box office.

Right now, the DC universe seems to be failing miserably. Fans haven’t reacted the way they have over Marvel. Films haven’t lived up to expectations. Box office numbers are down. Even though there have been great moments, they’re not what they could have been. So why is DC ultimately failing while Marvel runs away with […]

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Saw: Why it should be a television show.

One of the fastest growing genres on television is the horror series. From The Walking Dead to Stranger Things the popularity keeps growing. Even satirical horror such as Ash Vs Evil Dead and Scream Queens have a place on television. The one franchise I want to see convert from the big screen is Saw. Hear […]

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Can they please move up the Tupac All Eyez On Me movie?

As a huge Tupac Shakur fan, I am excited that we will finally get to see his biopic hit theaters in 2017 after so many delays. But, why the wait? I get that releasing it on his birthday is symbolic but I’m tired of waiting. Don’t blame me, blame the success of the New Edition Story. […]

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Avengers Infinity War: Which Version of Groot Will We See in The Film?

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the date May 4th, 2018 likely rings a bell for you. For some, it will simply represent another Star Wars day (May the fourth sounds like May the force for those who do not know). But for hardcore Marvel movie fans, that is the day […]

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:Latest Trailer

From one of the oldest rides at the Magic Kingdom to the big screen adaptation Pirates of the Caribbean has been a hit success for Disney. The movies have been a fan favorite for years even if they’ve stumbled along the way. Six years since the franchise last release comes Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead […]

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What to watch on Netflix: Imperial Dreams

One of the more entertaining movies I’ve stumbled upon on is Imperial Dreams on Netflix. One of my biggest gripes with great actors is when they never fill a role other than the one they can nail. Too many times, great acting is defined by typecasting an actor and them knocking it out of the […]

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Avengers: Infinity War – 5 Character Interactions Fans Hope to See

We are still over a year away before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters (May 4th, 2018), but with a film of its magnitude, it is always worth talking about, especially now that filming is under way. It will be the third of four announced Avengers’ films, which will kick off the big Thanos storyline that the […]