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Justice League vs Guardians of the Galaxy 2

With the latest Justice League trailer debuting we get a glimpse of the next big hero team up. Marvel has already enjoyed success with both The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Now it’s time for DC to step up with their latest offering. Luckily for them, Marvel is releasing a sequel to Guardians later […]

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: “The Road To Infinity War” Series – Brought To You By INSCMagazine

Do you like puzzles? Do you like superheroes? Well if you answered yes to both of those questions, then the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are perfect for you! For those of you that are not aware of the MCU, it is a collection of films that have been hitting theaters since 2008 when Iron […]

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Spider-man Homecoming: Trailer #2

Tom Holland broke onto the screen in Captain America: Civil War as Spider-man. Even with his short appearance in the film he stole the show. With the fast-paced action and witty one-liners, Holland quickly became a fan favorite. In a complicated agreement, Marvel and Sony worked out a deal that would allow Spider-man to be […]

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Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2: When Does The Film Take Place Along The MCU Timeline?

It is an exciting time to be a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 2017 will see three films hitting theaters leading up to 2018 which will see the third Avengers film. But we still have some time until we reach Infinity War. The next stop on the Marvel train will be on May 5th, […]

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Marvel: Avengers: Infinity War casting call in New York City

With Marvel getting ready to drop what will be the final two films in their highly successful Avengers films, news just dropped of an open casting call in New York City that will begin for possible shooting this May. While details are a bit scarce now, there are rules that must be followed if you are interested […]

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Which Avenger Will Link The Team With The Guardians of The Galaxy?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big place. It is full of heroes all across the world. Some appear on the big screen. Some appear on the the small screen. Some appear on Netflix. And across all of those mediums. there are a handful of different teams. For right now, we will be focusing on […]

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Will we ever get a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends movie?

With Spider-Man getting yet another reboot it begs the question if we will get the true version of Peter Parker as he grows up? After his great stint in Captain America: Civil War Sony decided to join forces with Marvel again and give the fans what we’ve been waiting for since the Tobey Maguire series ended. Since […]