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Cameron Monaghan Would Be a Great Choice To Play Carnage in Venom Film

It is a wonderful time to be a fan of comic book films. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing as they march towards Avengers: Infinity War. The DCEU is coming off the high that is Wonder Woman as they lead into Justice League later this year. Deadpool 2 has officially begun filming for FOX, with another X-Men film […]

Daddy's Home Mel Gibson
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Daddy’s Home 2: Mel Gibson Looks Like The Perfect Fit For Dusty’s Dad

There is something about pairing Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell that is comedy gold. The two have such great chemistry together on the big screen. The first film that immediately comes to mind involving the two is The Other Guys. Then back in 2015 the two joined forces again for Daddy’s Home. As expected, the film was […]

Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman or Black Widow? How DC Comics crushed Marvel with Amazon Goddess

When news hit that DC Comics were doing a Batman vs Superman movie fans were ecstatic. How would it play out? Who would win in a fight? But they never imagined the surprise guest that would steal the show in only a few minutes of screen time. During the fight with Doomsday, a female stood up and offered […]

Zendaya Spider-Man
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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Zendaya Role Reveal a Positive Sign For The Film

Way back when Spider-Man: Homecoming was in the casting stage, the name Zendaya was brought up. At the time, I recall walking through the student center at college, thinking who is that? As I read a little bit of information, it seemed like she was mainly known her role on the Disney Channel show Zapped. The next […]

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47 Meters Down: Movie Trailer. June 2017.

When Jaws first burst onto movie screens in 1975, it brought a real fear to life on the big screen. Even after the sequels, anyone who saw the movie had second thoughts about swimming in the open ocean. Since then, however, only poor knock-offs of the ocean’s greatest predator have been brought to the forefront. […]

Chris Pine Wonder Woman DCEU
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Will Chris Pine Return To The DCEU Following Wonder Woman?

To start things off, let’s send out the infamous SPOILER warning. This article contains some major SPOILERS for DC’s latest film, Wonder Woman. If you have not seen the film yet, bookmark this page and come back following your viewing. If you have seen the film, feel free to continue on. Wonder Woman has been in theaters […]

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How Wonder Woman broke the DCEU curse.

There has been a dark cloud hanging over the DCEU since the days of Man of Steel. Fans have been on both sides of the fence and critics have blasted each iteration since. With the help of online review sites, the reception for the superhero movies has been lukewarm at best. Then came Wonder Woman. […]