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Justice League: Where is the Green Arrow?

DC Comics is hyping up the union of the Justice League with a cast of superheroes that includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, AquaMan and Cyborg but there’s another missing besides Green Latern. Where is the Green Arrow? For comic fans, he appears later but for entertainment and TV purposes he’s heavily involved already. […]

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Star Wars: Speculating Episode VIII

Now that the latest Star Wars film has a title, it’s time we begin speculation. There have been plenty of rumored titles announced before the news broke Monday. The second film in the latest trilogy will, in fact, be titled The Last Jedi. While the title is very telling, at the same time it can be very […]

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Logan: Marvel saved the best for last

It all started in 2000 with X-Men. No one knew how the world would receive a collection of superheroes, but Marvel and Fox took a chance on possibly the greatest comic turned cartoon and made it into a full-length movie. While the X-Men was always a fan favorite with their huge cast, there was always […]

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Go, Go Power Rangers? Trailer #2(video).

  On Thursday, Lionsgate releases the second official trailer for the new Power Rangers movie. The movie that (almost) every kid from the 90s had been waiting for. The original show aired all the way back in August of 1993 and has gone through several iterations since. The Good: With the film’s big budget, they […]

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Is the Justice League, Suicide Squad showdown coming in 2017?

Throughout Suicide Squad, we were giving countless clues that there could be a possible war brewing between them and the members of the Justice League, most notably, Batman and The Flash. As each member of the SS was apprehended, it was either Flash or Batman that placed them in the custody of Amanda Waller. As Suicide […]

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Justice League: Aquaman and Flash Set to Steal the Show

When comic book fans hear the words “Justice League”, they immediately think of DC’s big three, who are considered the Trinity of heroes. Those three being Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Those names should ring a bell for most people, even if you are not a big fan of the comics. So when Justice League hits theaters […]

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Deadpool 2: Could Hugh Jackman/Wolverine Cameo?

There are a handful of actors who are the perfect fits for the superhero roles they play in the plethora of comic book based movies. Robert Downey Jr. nails it as Tony Stark and Iron Man. Chris Evans is great in the role of Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America. More recently, Ryan Reynolds […]