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Logan Has Set The Bar High For 2017 Superhero Movies

If you are a fan of the superhero movie genre, then 2017 is going to be another fun year for you. 2017 will see a total of six major films spread across Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers, Sony and 20th Century Fox. Marvel will have three new films held within the MCU. Things will start off […]

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Logan: You Do Not Need To Be a Superhero Movie Fan To Enjoy

Superhero films usually fall into the love em or hate em column for most people. For people like myself, they enjoy the site of seeing the heroes from the pages of comic books coming to life on the big screen, even if they do not read the books. It serves as an escape from reality […]

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DC: The Problem with Superman

  If you’re anything like me, you’ve realized something has been missing from the Man of Steel. The DCEU has missed the mark when it comes to Superman. Don’t get me wrong, Henry Cavill has been doing a great job portraying the character as it probably appears in the script. However, they need to step […]

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Marvel: After Logan, it’s clear Fox must sell X-Men rights to Disney

As great as Logan was there were some issues that threw me for a loop. I’ve never been a comic reader as my experience into the whole superhero world has come from the movies. However, as a movie buff, I was lost when I saw Professor X in Logan. Last time I checked he was killed off […]

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Thor: Ragnarok – When Will We Get The Film’s First Trailer?

Despite no movies being released, it has been a busy week for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In particular, fans of Thor have gotten a handful of goodies to enjoy over the course of the last few days. It all started with the release of the Entertainment Weekly cover. This seemed to drop out […]

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“Logan”: The Wolverine Comes Around

Logan review provided By Josh Widdowson There is a lot of buzz surrounded “Logan”. Critics are saying it was different than any of the films in the X-Men franchise. It introductes a young mutant who can kick butt, and the farewell performances of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. But this […]

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Logan proved that superhero movies can win on emotional level as well

The DC and Marvel Universe is mainly bad guys fighting good guys, Gods vs creatures and mortals fighting to save their planet with a few jokes spread in between. The fight scenes are great but when they seem to try to tap into another side of humanity, that’s where the story normal starts to stray. […]