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Box Office Report : The Conjuring Pulls Off Upset, Unseats Despicable Me 2

Well this came out of no where. With an animated snail, a group of “A” list action stars, and a PG-13 “Men In Black” look-a-like coming to theaters, audiences drove to the horrific scares of “The Conjuring” which opened this weekend to a shocking $41.5 million. Based on a true story, the film follows two […]

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San Diego Comic Con : Batman/Superman Movie Announced. Set For Summer 2015 Release

On the heels of the worldwide success of “Man of Steel,” director Zack Snyder is bringing together the two greatest superheroes of all time—Batman and Superman—for the first time on the big screen. The announcement was made by Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution,Warner […]

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Box Office Report : Despicable Me 2 Takes Down Grown Ups 2 And Pacific Rim.

In a weekend battle of style vs. big named stars, the winner turned out to be… the movie that was number one last week. Despicable Me 2 continued it’s box office reign another week, cashing in on 44.7 million in it’s second week of release. The Universal Studios kids film about an ex-super villain (Steve […]

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Pacific Rim Review: Why It’s The Best Action Movie of the Year

PLOT: As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse. I’m gonna make a strange comparison; this is the frosted mini-wheat version of a movie. The […]

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Despicable Me 2 Review : Domesticated Gru Lifts Sequel To New Heights.

“Despicable Me 2” is a direct sequel to the first film. This time, former super villain Gru (Steve Carell- “The Office” ) now a father to 3 children is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help stop a new super criminal. Along with Agent Lucy (Kristen Wiig- “SNL”), the two must put a stop to […]

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Box Office Report : Despicable Me 2 Obliterates Lone Ranger

In one of the more interesting yet overrated battles at the cinema, the kids film Despicable Me 2 destroyed Disney action/comedy The Lone Ranger. Despicable Me 2 (a sequel to the 2010 film), managed to grab audiences of all ages this 4th of July weekend, garnering 82.5 million this weekend, and 142 million since Wednesday. […]

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Monsters University Review : Pixar Returns to Form

Welcome back Pixar! After two years of mediocre movies that either tried too hard (Brave) or were obvious cash grabs (Cars 2), it’s great to see you all back at what you’re best at doing. Making entertaining movies for both kids and adults while also making us think as well. “Monsters U” is a prequel […]