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Super Bowl LI: Matt Ryan Joins Elite QB Class Thanks To Brilliant Breakthrough Season

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. When one thinks of elite NFL quarterbacks, these four individuals come to mind. They may be getting some company in the form of Matt Ryan. While other great quarterbacks such as Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning and Tony Romo are mentioned in the […]

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2017 NFL Draft: Stanford DL Solomon Thomas Is The Draft’s Wildcard

Violent. Disruptive. Explosive. Thanks to a head-turning display of these abilities in the Hyundai Sun Bowl, Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas may have vaulted himself into the first round. Thomas, a 6’3 273-pound defensive lineman who  led the Cardinal with 15 tackles for loss and eight sacks during the season, flashed some of his raw […]

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Opinion: Chargers and Raiders Relocation All About The Bottom Line

Not even 48 hours after the now Los Angeles Chargers announced that they would be leaving San Diego to return to their birthplace of Los Angeles after 50-plus years, their longtime AFC West rivals from Oakland announced that they will file relocation papers before the Feb. 15 deadline and move to Las Vegas, per’s […]

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Politics: Why Russian Hacking Is The Latest Liberal Excuse

There was at least 18 months of campaigning and media coverage surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election. Now, it’s been roughly six weeks since Donald Trump became President-Elect of the United States and STILL being talked about is why Hillary Clinton lost the election, as if the answer wasn’t already evident. I’m starting to wonder if […]

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Donald Trump: So, About Trump’s Misogyny and Racism….

Prior to being elected as our 45th President, one of the harshest criticisms of President-Elect Donald Trump, and deservedly so in my opinion, was that his rhetoric and past actions, reeked of misogyny and racism. Indeed, saying that “it’s impossible to be flat-chested and be a 10”, referring to Rosie O’Donnell as a “fat pig”, […]

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2016 Election: Did Russia assist Donald Trump?

As if the 2016 election didn’t need anymore drama, there happened to be a major bombshell that was dropped on Friday night that if it happens to be proven to be true could have serve ramifications. What happened was late Friday night, several major outlets started reported that the CIA had done an investigation and […]

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What Should Students Expect Now That Trump Has Won

By Matthew Jade Academia People’s Response to Election 2016: With chances of Hillary Clinton coming in power, college leaders and students had a list of concerns about her policies, but the unexpected victory of Donald Trump have people ‘horrified’ because of his vision. Although Donald Trump’s policy and plans about education have been pretty unclear, […]