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Cleveland Browns: Should Jonathan Allen Be The Pick At No.1?

Thanks to an ill-timed and even more ill-advised video by Myles Garrett pleading for the Dallas Cowboys to trade up to take him at No.1, could the Cleveland Browns pass on him for former Alabama defensive tackle Jonathan Allen instead? Allen, one of the nation’s most disruptive defensive lineman both against the run and pass, […]

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Cleveland Browns: Could DE Myles Garrett Pull A Draft Day Eli Manning?

In what was one of the most head-scratching and simply irresponsible moves a potential top overall pick could ever do before the NFL Draft, projected top overall pick Myles Garrett may have talked himself out of being in play for the Cleveland Browns. Garrett, a 6’5, 269-pound edge rusher from Texas A&M, made a personal […]

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Super Bowl LI: Sorry Hate-Watchers, But Tom Brady And The Patriots Are The Greatest Ever!

There are haters and then there are hate-watchers, who are a segment of fans who hate a certain team, but still watch them anyway, in hopes of seeing them lose. Sadly, this group of bitter fans didn’t see their greatest wish in seeing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lose in Super Bowl LI. […]

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Super Bowl LI: Patriots Comeback Makes High-Flying Falcons Eat Crow

Somewhere, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors feel the pain in seeing the Atlanta Falcons choke away a lead in Super Bowl LI to the New England Patriots. The Falcons, who were up 28-3 in the third quarter, with roughly 20-plus minutes left in the game, allowed the New England Patriots to score 31 […]

Walt Disney World needs to add a mega coaster
Paradise Pier mega coaster
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Walt Disney World Needs To Add A Mega-Coaster

Walt Disney World isn’t the type of theme park to feature a mega-coaster. With parks like Universal and SeaWorld adding major coasters over the last decade, the question of whether to add a mega-coaster needs to be addressed. Walt Disney World doesn’t need to add a mega-coaster to compete with Universal or SeaWorld, they are […]

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How Baylor University outdid Penn State in collegiate horror stories

I was reading about Game of Thrones when I heard the Facebook Messenger ding on my iPhone. I look at it and I see that my boss, Robert Cobb, has messaged me. Rob: Got a special assignment for you. Cog: Sup? Rob: Need you to rip Baylor a new one. Rob wouldn’t tell me the […]

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Chris Hogan: From Penn State Lacrosse To Super Bowl LI, Patriots WR Ready For Closeup

As in football as in life, there are many different paths to the top. In the case of Chris Hogan, his journey to the Super Bowl down in Houston, is as unique as any. Hogan, a former Penn State LAX—men’s lacrosse—player and undrafted free agent wide receiver, has been nothing short of a complete for […]