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Robert’s Rant! QB Baker Mayfield Is The Guy, Get Over It Or Go Elsewhere!

With the 2018 NFL Draft now in the books and with time having passed on the Cleveland Browns decision to draft former 2017 Heisman Trophy winner in quarterback Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma, I have a simple message for my fellow Dawgs in the Dawg Pound. Get over it! If there is one thing I’ve learned […]

Cleveland Browns NFL Opinion/Editorial Robert's Rant

Robert’s Rant! Five Reasons Why NFL Quarterbacks Fail In Cleveland!

As if it has become an annual rite of spring, the Cleveland Browns are once again looking at drafting a quarterback in the NFL Draft. The question that needs to be answered is, will they finally get it right. By now you’ve seen the image of the Browns jersey with all of the failed quarterbacks […]

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NBA: Will Seattle Supersonics Return, Play Pre-Season Game in Japan?

SEATTLE- There is a lot of discussion about the possibility of the Seattle Supersonics returning to the NBA. This was a fun team to watch in the 1990’s and had star players such as Ray Allen, Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. The team folded up and everyone appeared to forget about them. However, all of a sudden, […]

Cleveland Browns Opinion/Editorial Robert's Rant

Robert’s Rant! Browns Perfect Season Parade Adds To List Of Cleveland Civic Embarrassments

With an embarrassing winless 0-16 season now in the books and caught in the middle of a deep freeze, the much-talked about “Perfect Season 2.0” parade commenced down at FirstEnergy Stadium, dividing a loud, vocal and very proud Browns fanbase. First there was the Cuyahoga River catching on fire, then it becoming the first major […]

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Transformers: The Last Knight: Screw The Critics, See It For Yourself!

By now, you may—or may not–have seen Michael Bay’s latest “masterpiece” also known as Transformers: The Last Knight rampage, brawl and pillage through your latest Cineplex. Naturally, every movie that Bay makes is immediately attacked by critics with the veracity of mosquitoes biting open skin in late July and August. So, not only out of […]

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Cancer: The Thing In My Chest (Part I)

What’s Wrong With Me? We thought it was just a cold. Back in late February, I came down with a cough and had a runny nose. The first thing you figure is “It’s just a cold”. Naturally, that was the initial thought. Things changed when the runny nose stopped, but the coughing didn’t. In fact, […]

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2017 MLB Home Run Derby Bracket Competition Predictions

Here at Inscriber Magazine, we like to have friendly competition this rings true even with the MLB Homerun Derby. I personally have already made a wager on who will win. Now, my wager was based on the best value for my money, not who I actually think will win.  I went with Miguel Sano as he […]

The Kardashian Curse
The Kardashians
Entertainment Opinion Pop

Entertainment: How real is The Kardashian Curse?

I am sure you have heard of the Madden curse which supposedly brings bad luck to the player who is on the cover of EA Sports Madden NFL video game. Well, I believe we have a worse curse in the Kardashian Curse. This curse basically is a death sentence to your career. If you don’t […]

James Comey
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James Comey Congressional Testimony: Three Moments

Former FBI Director James Comey had his much-anticipated congressional testimony on Thursday. and offered a buffet of legal details for attorneys. Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee at a rare open hearing on Russia’s interference in the U.S. election, possible collusion by the Trump campaign in that interference, and Comey’s firing by President Donald […]

Kathy Griffin
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Opinion: The Problem with America is Accountability and people like Kathy Griffin

This article all stemmed from the latest of nonsense incidents involving Kathy Griffin. Regardless of how you feel about the POTUS she did what she did. The great thing about America is she has every right to do it because of freedom of speech. I don’t have a problem with it. I have a problem […]