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2016 Election: Did Russia assist Donald Trump?

As if the 2016 election didn’t need anymore drama, there happened to be a major bombshell that was dropped on Friday night that if it happens to be proven to be true could have serve ramifications. What happened was late Friday night, several major outlets started reported that the CIA had done an investigation and […]

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What Should Students Expect Now That Trump Has Won

By Matthew Jade Academia People’s Response to Election 2016: With chances of Hillary Clinton coming in power, college leaders and students had a list of concerns about her policies, but the unexpected victory of Donald Trump have people ‘horrified’ because of his vision. Although Donald Trump’s policy and plans about education have been pretty unclear, […]

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Opinion: How Should Detroit Tiger Fans View This Era?

A few short weeks ago, as the regular season was over and the postseason was in full-swing, Al Avila, General Manager of the Detroit Tigers, had announced that it was time to get younger and that it was time to decrease the payroll. This movement to get younger and less expensive is a movement that started […]

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2016 U.S. Election: How Donald Trump Edged Hillary Clinton

they don’t understand that just because someone thinks the opposite of what they think, that doesn’t mean that other person is stupid. Many people I’ve talked to would call Donald Trump a stupid man and in kind, many people I’ve spoken to would call Hillary Clinton a stupid woman. Neither of those statements are true, […]

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Don’t let Donald Trump fulfill the Immigration Plan

Politics was never one of my interests until Donald Trump became a Presidential Candidate. It changed everything. It gave me worries about all the immigrants in America, about people who basically built the greatest country in the world. And now, he’s talking about deporting them all. Trump keeps saying: “Thousands of Americans have been killed […]

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College Football: The Big 12 Conference Blew It

Four months ago, Big 12 Conference Commissioner, with the blessing of the conference presidents and athletic directors, stated that it was time to expand. Well, after four months of propping up schools, interviews, and soul searching, its four-month expansion exploration ended without ONE SINGLE VOTE cast for any school. Commissioner Bob Bowlsby and Oklahoma president David […]

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NCAA Football Ohio State vs. Wisconsin Five Things To Watch

No. 2 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES (5-0, 2-0 Big Ten) at No. 8 WISCONSIN BADGERS (4-1, 1-1), 7 p.m., Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, Wisconsin FIVE THINGS TO WATCH 1. Running in place? Several factors have contributed to UW struggling to run the ball in Big Ten play. After managing a combined 193 yards on 69 attempts (2.8-yard average) against […]