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Opinion: How Rachel Maddow’s Unprofessional Bias Led To Her National Embarassment

Most of the time, this journalist feels bad if he sees someone mortified in front of an audience. I’ve been there before and it doesn’t feel good. At all. So, I naturally don’t like anyone to feel that way. However, Rachel Maddow is an exception after her stupendous gaffe involving Donald Trump’s tax returns Tuesday […]

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Bank of America: Giving back by taking care of hometown Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers

Much like going for a job interview, it’s not what you know, but who you know that may get you in the door. This had to be the case for the Oakland Raiders and their plan to move to Las Vegas. At first, the Raiders move were to be funded by casino mogul Sheldon Adelson […]

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Logan proved that superhero movies can win on emotional level as well

The DC and Marvel Universe is mainly bad guys fighting good guys, Gods vs creatures and mortals fighting to save their planet with a few jokes spread in between. The fight scenes are great but when they seem to try to tap into another side of humanity, that’s where the story normal starts to stray. […]

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Opinion: How The Daily Beast’s Jenna Jameson Article Defines “Fake News”

The Daily Beast published an article  about Jenna Jameson’s “transformation” into a vocal political Twitter user who voices her support for Israel and her opposition to Islam. The idea behind such a piece is to interview Jameson and basically ask her why all the change? Surrounding her quotes would be the quotes of her friends, […]

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Cleveland Browns: Should Jonathan Allen Be The Pick At No.1?

Thanks to an ill-timed and even more ill-advised video by Myles Garrett pleading for the Dallas Cowboys to trade up to take him at No.1, could the Cleveland Browns pass on him for former Alabama defensive tackle Jonathan Allen instead? Allen, one of the nation’s most disruptive defensive lineman both against the run and pass, […]

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Cleveland Browns: Could DE Myles Garrett Pull A Draft Day Eli Manning?

In what was one of the most head-scratching and simply irresponsible moves a potential top overall pick could ever do before the NFL Draft, projected top overall pick Myles Garrett may have talked himself out of being in play for the Cleveland Browns. Garrett, a 6’5, 269-pound edge rusher from Texas A&M, made a personal […]

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Super Bowl LI: Sorry Hate-Watchers, But Tom Brady And The Patriots Are The Greatest Ever!

There are haters and then there are hate-watchers, who are a segment of fans who hate a certain team, but still watch them anyway, in hopes of seeing them lose. Sadly, this group of bitter fans didn’t see their greatest wish in seeing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lose in Super Bowl LI. […]