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Baltimore Ravens NFL Opinion/Editorial

Baltimore Ravens: Steve Bisciotti, Others Enabling Colin Kaepernick ‘Distraction’

With Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco suffering a back injury, that is expected to have him miss a portion of the pre-season and possibly the regular season, could Colin Kaepernick finally find a NFL team to call home? With reports swirling that the Ravens are looking to possibly sign him and two-time Super Bowl champion […]

F.C. Barcelona Opinion/Editorial Real Madrid Soccer Sports Transfer News

Neymar Rumors: Where Will He End Up?

At the beginning of the 2017 summer transfer window, Cristiano Ronaldo was making the headlines by supposedly wanting to leave Real Madrid. But transfer rumors are often, lack of a better term, fake news. Cristiano Ronaldo is still at Real Madrid, and on the outside looking in, happy as ever. Fast forward to the end […]

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New Orleans Saints NFL Opinion/Editorial Sports

New Orleans Saints Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Be Drew Brees’ Replacement In 2018?

With the New Orleans Saints set to open up training camp down in in the Crescent City, there is one question that hovers amidst the unbearable heat and humidity, could this be Drew Brees’ last year in the Big Easy? Brees, the future first-ballot Hall-of-Fame quarterback that led the Saints to their first Super Bowl […]

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Mid-American Conference NCAA Football Opinion/Editorial

Mid-American Conference Football Media Day 2017 Recap: Mid Major Conference, A Major NFL Player

CANTON – In what can best be described as a surreal and once-in-a-lifetime event, it is safe to say that the Mid-American Conference Football Media Day down at the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton was a rousing success. Held at the Pro Football Hall Of Fame due to renovations being made to […]

Lifestyle Opinion/Editorial

Criminal Law: Donald Trump should pass a law in which Felons records are expunged after punishment is served

I’m one to believe that all criminals are not bad. Sometimes good people make bad choices and those choices could land you in trouble for the rest of your life. Is that fair? No, but it’s the way of life here in the United States of America. Here is my problem with the Justice System and Criminal […]

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Cleveland Browns Opinion/Editorial

Bold Predictions: Derek Anderson 2.0? Brock Osweiler Will Be A Pro Bowl Quarterback For The Cleveland Browns

With NFL training camps set to start this coming week, the off-season is ripe for a bunch of surprises. Could former Super Bowl champion Brock Osweiler and the Cleveland Browns be one of them? Osweiler, who won a ring as Peyton Manning’s understudy with the Denver Broncos, flamed out as one of the biggest free-agent […]

Entertainment Music Opinion/Editorial

Brittany Says! Played in the Wrong Key: The Death of the Local Music Scene

It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday night, your friends are on the way to pick you up. Your wearing your favorite band t-shirt, and your feeling pretty good about tonight. You’re going to see some local bands play at the local spot. They pick you up, you pre-game with some drinks and it’s time to […]