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Politics: Sexist or Practical? Why Mike Pence Is Smart To Be Near His Wife At All Times

When the Washington Post’s Ashley Parker wrote an informative article on Mike Pence and his wife Karen, I wanted to send her a fruit basket for her excellent work. The piece was not only beautifully written, but it was neutral in tone, painted the reader a picture of the vice president and his wife’s daily […]

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4 Subjects To Study If You’re A Politico

For the vast majority of careers, there is plenty of advice on how to pursue your chosen option– but there is one career that doesn’t get anywhere near as much attention. If your main goal in life is to work in politics, as a councillor or a higher representative, then your career advice is scant. […]

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Opinion: Why The NFL National Anthem Controversy Is A No-Win Scenario

As if the NFL didn’t have enough problems before this national anthem hogwash began. The plate was filled up by a commissioner with the public relations skills of a dung beetle before Colin Kaepernick first opened his mouth. Not to mention the game faces issues like: A myriad of penalties that kill momentum and enjoyability […]

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Fake News! How CNN Can Rebound From Their Latest Embarrassments

CNN has been “exposed” as fake news. Not just liberal news, they’ve always been that, but they’ve crossed the line. The continued and constant coverage concerning possible collusion amongst the president and Russian hackers has led to scandal. According to tape recordings, CNN has found nothing, but still pushes the story regardless. They fired three […]


Politics: Jon Ossoff’s defeat puts Democrats at a turning point

It’s become cliché to start an article with the definition of insanity. For those that don’t know, it’s doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Unfortunately for those on the left, that might as well be the Democratic Party platform these days. That term? Resist. The resistance. Resist this, resist that. It’s a […]

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Politics: It seems that Donald Trump has bigger problems on his hands

To say that it has been a rough few months for Donald Trump and his administration would be an understatement. They have seen former United States National Secretary Advisor Michael Flynn resign, former FBI director James Comey was fired, and several members of this current regime have been brought in to testify on Capitol Hill […]


Politics: What you probably should have protested instead of Sharia Law

On Saturday, President Trump’s redcaps organized a nationwide protest against Sharia Law in America. While the notion of Sharia Law in America, where just about 1% of Americans practice Islam, is absurd on its face, it also ignores the issue of defining what exactly Sharia Law means. That is something that not even Islamic scholars […]

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MLB: Senator John McCain Is An Arizona Diamondbacks Fan

In recent news, former FBI Director James Comey has been under questioning by the Senate Intelligence Committee. During the hearing, Senator McCain apparently asked questions that were found confusing by some. The feedback from social media led to the most important discovery to be made from these hearings. McCain is an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. “I […]

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Opinion: How Trump Hate Is Allowing Kathy Griffin To Mock Bullied Victims

The malicious atmosphere surrounding President Trump, the United States and in part, the world, is becoming almost unbelievable. Every day I wake up, read the basic news, and wonder if I’m reading a novel by an author who has Baldacci, Clancy, Grisham and any other political drama guys all wrapped up inside William Golding’s “Lord […]


Politics: Donald Trump fires James Comey for some reason

While the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus is coming to an end in the next couple of weeks, it seems that there will be one circus that will continuing. The circus that is continuing is the one located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the ring leader is Donald Trump. It seems that he […]