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MLB Rumors: Jeffrey Loria To Become The Ambassador To France?

As it was reported last week, Jeffrey Loria had a “handshake agreement” to sell his team. Now it is being reported that the person who Loria supposedly has the agreement with is the brother of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law. However, now there is another report being released regarding Jeffrey Loria selling the Marlins to […]

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Politics: Why Russian Hacking Is The Latest Liberal Excuse

There was at least 18 months of campaigning and media coverage surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election. Now, it’s been roughly six weeks since Donald Trump became President-Elect of the United States and STILL being talked about is why Hillary Clinton lost the election, as if the answer wasn’t already evident. I’m starting to wonder if […]

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Donald Trump: So, About Trump’s Misogyny and Racism….

Prior to being elected as our 45th President, one of the harshest criticisms of President-Elect Donald Trump, and deservedly so in my opinion, was that his rhetoric and past actions, reeked of misogyny and racism. Indeed, saying that “it’s impossible to be flat-chested and be a 10”, referring to Rosie O’Donnell as a “fat pig”, […]

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Tomi Lahren: The Alt-Right’s New Media Princess

By Stephen Niner Pearce (Disclaimer: The views expressed in this op-ed are not those shared by INSCMagazine, nor it’s staff. Reader discretion is advised.) Tomi Lahren, the blonde bombshell host of the Blaze’s Final Thoughts show is taking White supremacy mainstream.  After Trevor Noah humiliated her through kindness, logic, and wit on the Daily Show, […]

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2016 Election: Did Russia assist Donald Trump?

As if the 2016 election didn’t need anymore drama, there happened to be a major bombshell that was dropped on Friday night that if it happens to be proven to be true could have serve ramifications. What happened was late Friday night, several major outlets started reported that the CIA had done an investigation and […]

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Colin Kaepernick: Why are we afraid to discuss his core issues?

Colin Kaepernick has been one of the most divisive figures of 2016 and may go down as one of the most divisive sports figures of all-time. Until this year, the quarterback was mostly known for kissing his biceps and leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl, but now Colin Kaepernick is synonymous with a discussion […]

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What Should Students Expect Now That Trump Has Won

By Matthew Jade Academia People’s Response to Election 2016: With chances of Hillary Clinton coming in power, college leaders and students had a list of concerns about her policies, but the unexpected victory of Donald Trump have people ‘horrified’ because of his vision. Although Donald Trump’s policy and plans about education have been pretty unclear, […]