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Conservatives Push For Gay Marriage

American Unity PAC, a well-known national GOP donors, have poured half a million dollars into lobbying efforts to get Republican lawmakers to legalize gay marriage. American Unity PAC was formed last year to give financial support to Republicans who resisted the longstanding opposition to gay marriage. The founders are now launching a new lobbying organization called American Unity Fund. […]

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Cubs, City of Chicago Agree to $500 Million Renovation of Wrigley Field

The second oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball is finally getting a much-needed renovation. Late Sunday night, the City of Chicago and the Chicago Cubs agreed to a deal that would give $500 million in renovation funds for Wrigley Field to get brought into the 21st century. One of the biggest coups for the Cubs, is that written into the new agreement, the team […]

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It’s Time For This Great Nation To Reflect And Make Immediate Changes

An unimaginable tragedy happened in Newtown, CT several months ago with 20 young children and six adults being killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School and it’s a shame that an event such as this is necessary to open dialogue and place blame on the reason for such a senseless act, let alone get in the way of […]