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Men: 7 Things Guys Absolutely Hate About Missionary Sex

Sexual intercourse is one of the many joys that life gives us. For both men and women, sexual intercourse can be a way of connecting with their partner, strengthening their bond and letting off some steam. Sex isn’t only a sensual activity, but also has many benefits for the human body. The first and most […]

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Oral Sex: How to make him orgasm

Ladies, let’s be honest here. How many of you can actually say that you have gotten your man off by just the power of the tongue? If so, how long did it take? Studies show that 77% of women in a relationship have provided oral sex but only 50% has ever made their man orgasm. That’s […]

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Sex & Relationships: Is it possible to step out of the friend zone?

The Friend Zone can be a gift and a curse depending on your situation. For some, it’s nothing better than knowing you have that person of the opposite sex to talk to about anything. It doesn’t matter if its money, health, family or relationships. But, what happens when wires get crossed and you forget this is your friend and […]

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Sex: Five Spiciest Positions You Won’t Believe Exist!

By David Gomes It is always great to see a couple that have been together for the longest time possible. At times, one may tend to ask, how do these guys do it and make it look simple? Well the answer lies in meeting each other’s needs fully. One of the main needs that a […]

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Sex: Is it wise to sleep with a co-worker?

There are times when we wish the workplace could be like Las Vegas. What goes on at work stays at work but that’s not the case. Depending on where you work, you may be surrounded by the opposite sex and that could be a blessing and curse. It’s natural for men and women to be attracted […]

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Living: Want to Boost Your Mind and Improve Memory? Sex Is The Answer

While most people appreciate sex because it builds intimacy, because it is pleasurable, because it is healthy, and because it is fun, a new study has found yet another reason why sex can be good for you. The study which was conducted by a group of researchers from The Manchester University found that older adults […]