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Relationships: Dating Etiquette For Millennials

In the days of Tinder and online dating, it goes without saying that traditional dating etiquette has pretty much bitten the dust. However, that doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t equivalent rules for modern-day dating. What exactly is the dating etiquette for millennials? The evolution of dating While dress suits and roses may have […]

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Dating Guidelines for couples obsessed with Social Media

The internet has become the new age bar, library, restaurant or any other place one might normally meet a member of the opposite/same sex. It easy to sit at work, log on to the hundreds of dating sites, scroll thru a profile and send a message, wink or whatever. Now, sites like Tinder and Match […]


Relationships: Is Companionship Lost?

By John Michelson The more our world evolves, the more our individualities get pushed forwards. When looking at relationships, people now want to get married because of what they want rather than because of traditions or family values. This is all well and good as it allows us to develop a personality, but are we […]

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La Femme: Gold Diggers Mansplained!

Allow me to tell the story about how I once had the origins of gold-digging explained to me in evolutionary terms. One afternoon back in college, after a long day of lectures, I was enjoying lunch on campus with a fellow classmate. We’ll call him “John.” John was articulating his frustration with dating in general, […]

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The Perfect Gift! A Crucial Tool of Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Things are not always same for us. We grow up with parents, siblings, relatives, friends and loved ones but for the sake of education or jobs, we often go to different countries, very distant from each other and every relationship becomes long distance for us. If you are also going through long distance relationship and […]

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Netflix and Chill? Check Out Datebox, The Subscription Box For Couples

Everyone loves subscription boxes, from LootCrate to OwlCrate, including BarkBox and Ipsy. But most of those are glorified subscription boxes for one specific type of person or something that peaks an individuals interest, yet I have come to you today to tell you about the newest couples subscription box called DateBox! Datebox is a monthly […]

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XNSpy: Privacy Just An Illusion Among Couples In Techno-Digital Era

By Sakil Sarawr When in relationships, there is no such thing as privacy. Many people consider it their right to know what the spouse is currently doing so they secretly snoop into their affairs. Checking their pockets, going through their wallets, gadgets, etc. are old school techniques. Today, the digital world provides endless opportunities to […]