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Dating: How to Make Online Relationships Work!

Relationships are hard, which is a reality most people would not argue. Online relationships can be even harder. Now, no one is saying the road will be easy, but the following will help improve your chances. High-Voltage Communication: Of course, one ingredient of a health relationship is communication. Part of the reason this is important […]

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Online Dating Fraud: Five Ways To Know How To Identify Fake Dating Profiles

Dating sites may be the best sites to meet adults online, but that doesn’t make them safe or completely free from issues. Fake dating profiles are unfortunately very prevalent, for whatever reason. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if you have found yourself on a fake dating profile. 1. The words make no sense: There’s […]

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Sex: Strengthen And Spice Up Your Relationship With These Tips!

There is no doubt that long-term relationships tend to end on a sour note. While some couples will remain together for life, others choose to go their own ways. There are many factors associated with a divorce or breakup, with the main one being lack of intimacy. Of course, it is difficult to endure what […]


Relationship without Sex: What You Can Do to Rekindle the Spark?

Do you feel that something is taking a toll on you and your partner? Has the amount of physical intimacy reduced between you two? These are the telltale signs of a relationship fizzling out. If you too have been noticing that your relationship with your partner is on the decline, especially on a physical level, […]

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Online Dating: 8 Proven Tips To Help Improve Your First Message Response Rate With Cougars

Many guys who use online dating find messaging older women a daunting prospect. While it’s hard enough to put a message together for someone your own age, it’s extra hard when she’s a few years older. Maybe it’s all her life experience, the feeling that she’s seen it all before or worrying about looking immature. […]

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Relationships: 6 Steps to the Perfect Online Dating First Message (Infographic)

Some people seem to attract dates easily, while others find matchmaking an incomprehensible riddle. People who have been unsuccessful in trying to find a partner first-hand might try their luck at online dating, which takes a lot of the pressure of immediacy out of the situation. However, this avenue can often prove every bit as […]

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Secrets Women Keep from Men Can Affect a Relationship – According to a Marriage Counselor

The love of your life – sweetheart – sex kitten looks into your eyes and professes her love for you – and you believe her because you love her. I mean, you can tell that she loves you by the way she smiles at you, takes care of you, supports you,  makes love to you, […]

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5 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Couples

Getting hitched is undoubtedly one of the most important milestones of your life. But anniversaries are the actual celebrations of your years of togetherness that bring to light the fact that you have actually stood by each other through thick and thin and restored the vows that you have exchanged on the big day, years […]

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Dating: Simple Suggestions For Spicing Up Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is always fun at first, and then reality sets in and life gets busy. You both are soon swept away with work obligations and attending to other relationships such as with friends or family members. While it’s good to be busy and healthy to have other people in your life, you […]

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Dating: Simple Tips On How To Catch Out A Cheat!

Anyone that has ever been cheated on will know just how serious an impact this can have on life. When you have fallen victim to this type of experience, you feel all sorts of emotions including low self esteem, anxiety, stress, and anger. If you are unsure as to whether your partner is cheating, this […]