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Relationships: 4 Ways to Love Yourself and Be Positive In Life

By Clara Decker Majority of us generally feel that we are doing nothing and just going ahead with redundant tasks in life. Isn’t it? Well, it has turned into an innate propensity for nearly everybody, because of the increasing complexities of life alongside the modernization of society. I can barely hear anybody saying “Yes! I […]

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Relationships: Straight Up Truth To Having An Amazing Sex Life

By Dwayne Austin A great sex life is important, and it’s necessary for every relationship. As much as people don’t want to admit it out loud, we need sex. Sex is the most powerful thing which puts us together and makes as close to one another as we are ever going to be. There is […]


Relationships: Why Solitude Is Sometimes A Good Thing

Solitude is imperative for some people—it’s their way of life. It can be when they unwind, regroup, make discoveries, get creative, and even find love—self-love. Others go to great lengths to avoid it. Solitariness has been so negatively stigmatized by the human race that people have developed a fear of being alone—monophobia. Monophobia, sometimes also […]

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Interviews and Features: Q and A With Madd’s Mother and Daughter Duo, Sue and Imani Evans

They say that the special bond between mother and daughter is a special one that goes beyond parent and child. Much like the special bond between father and son, the mother-daughter bond is one that has a lot of unique assets. Learning about the birds and the bees, talking about your first kiss, first boyfriend […]


Relationships: 15 Simple And Creative Ways To Cheer Someone Up

By Francesca Russo There are days when you or your close person is fighting the blues. This time, you need someone to confide it and just to speak about what is in your soul. I’ve pulled through such situations in my life only thanks to the support of my friends and family. Since then I’ve […]


Relationships: How To Understand The Difference Between Real Love And Attachment

By Francesca Russo To love and to be loved is a natural human urge. Love is the greatest value for people, it makes them laugh and cry, fills lives with sense and helps to become better. Love grows from infatuation, but sometimes this feeling may transform into an attachment. So, love and attachment are interconnected, […]

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Premature Ejaculation: Could Video Games Help You Last Longer In Bed?

Playing video games can be a fun way to relax and enjoy a little bit of escapism, but most men would never guess that being an avid gamer could impact their ability to last longer in bed, possibly for the better! We analyzed the results of a recent research study exploring the connection between gaming […]