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Emotionally Cheating Creates Its Own Challenges In Relationships

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of cheating. Not in the physical sort of way as in the “emotional” aspect department. It’s too easy now-a-days to do so.  As there are so many dating apps, “friend finders”, and websites that it makes it difficult not to cheat. The stereotype is that men are more likely to cheat […]

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How To Approach A Woman and Get The First Date

There are two things that would make me happy when it comes to men trying to get my attention. One is using a pick up lines and the other is the “hey sexy” message. You will never get a first date that way with me and many women don’t appreciate it either.  Certain men will […]

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20 Ways to Make Her Happy

It comes as no surprise that a number of men have a hard time making their significant other happy. This is something that is extremely important to have in a relationship and the funny thing is that it’s not that difficult to achieve and in most cases doesn’t cost anything except a little bit of your time. Men […]

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So, You’re Scared to Date a Single Mom?

As a 31-year-old woman raising a six-year-old daughter, I never thought I’d have the time to date nor did I really consider it. This belief has changed recently. Dating without a child in the picture is hard enough. When that gets thrown into the mix and advice the guy that “I have one child” it’s likely that person won’t want a […]

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Free Yourself From Toxic Relationships

If there’s been a time in your current relationship or one from the past that made you feel like running away and never looking back. With the only reason to stay, excuses that get made. The reason being the threat of never finding someone else, being single, never having a better relationship then this, so […]

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How To Co-Parent Effectively

When I left my ex, my daughter’s father, I was preparing for a nasty court battle for child support and custody. Our reasons for parting ways wasn’t due to our daughter. She did deserve parents who were happy. That decision was the right choice. Leaving on terms that we could both agree upon provided stability and a chance for my daughter […]

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Emotionally Unavailable Men: The New Don Juan

A year ago I started seeing Benicio, an emotionally unavailable man he’s someone I’ve known since high school. There was an immediate re-connection and it caused me to fall for him even though he said he was was emotionally unavailable. The reason being he had just gotten a divorce and yet I didn’t care. Benicio had me hooked and at […]