Josh Norman and Richard Sherman together?
Josh Norman - CB, Washington Redskins Richard Sherman - CB, Seattle Seahawks
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Josh Norman and Richard Sherman: The Greatest Secondary

When it comes to CBs, there are not many better than Josh Norman and Richard Sherman. They are two of the best shutdown corners in the game at this time. What would happen if we placed them on the same team? Could we consider that the best secondary to play the game? The Washington Redskins […]

New York Giants Draft Grades
2017 New York Giants Draft Class
New York Giants NFL NFL Draft

NFL Draft Grades: New York Giants – Missed on some Needs

The New York Giants finished 11-5 and lost in the playoffs to the Green Bay Packers. They were good in the air on offense and their defense was much improved. But the Giants had some holes to fill in the draft still. I will list them in no particular order.  Offensive Line, Linebacker, Tight End, Defensive […]

Luke Kennard 2017 NBA Draft
Luke Kennard - G, Duke

Where Is The NBA Draft Status Of Duke’s Luke Kennard?

The top half of the 2017 NBA Draft is set. The NBA has conducted the Draft Lottery.  This sets the stage for the draft, as teams finally know where they stand. And if anyone is looking to strike it rich during the annual draft, look no further than Luke Kennard. Coming out of Duke, Kennard […]

JInder Mahal - WWE
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Jinder Mahal’s Win At Backlash Is WWE’s Risk Worth Taking

I’m not trying to steal my friend and fellow wrestling write Tom Clark’s thunder, but the move to put the WWE World Title around the waist of Jinder Mahal is what’s best for business. If WWE is going to usher in this New Era with pomp and circumstance, take chances along the way, the new […]

David Wright New York Mets
David Wright - 3rd Base, New York Mets
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New York Mets: David Wright should retire after receiving bad news

As the 2017 MLB season continues to spiral out of control for the New York Mets, they continue to be getting bad news. According to, David Wright is being shut down for the foreseeable future from any throwing activity. He has yet to play on the field for the 2017 season. In fact, he is […]

D'Angelo Russell New York Knicks trade talks
D'Angelo Russell - PG, Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers NBA New York Knicks

NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks Should Avoid Trade for D’Angelo Russell

With the 2017 NBA Draft a month away, one of the trades that is currently on the rumor mill is the New York Knicks acquiring D’Angelo Russell from the Los Angeles Lakers. With Derrick Rose set to hit free agency and spending a good portion of the season battling injuries, the Knicks will likely be […]

Brent Grimes Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB
Brent Grimes - Cornerback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFL Sports Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brent Grimes Is Proving That Age Is Nothing But A Number

Who is the best cornerback in the NFL? Not many will give you the answer of Brent Grimes. However, the 33-year-old is coming off his best season in years. Moreover, he looks to have a lot of playing left to do. You have heard this story before. A player goes undrafted; a team signs him, […]