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Lake Erie Crushers: A Return To Baseball For Travis Hafner

The Lake Erie Crushers are a team in in Frontier League of independent baseball. Based in Avon, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland, the Crushers have had success on the field winning the championship in 2009 and have had seven winning seasons in their nine-year existence. On May 2nd. Co-owner Tom Kramig announced that long time […]

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The Oakland A’s Are Paying For Earlier Moves

The Oakland Athletics are in surprising territory at a game under .500 this late in the season. Unfortunately moves made earlier in the year are beginning to catch up with the club. Announced today by manager Bob Melvin, Matt Chapman is likely headed to the disabled list due to a right hand injury that has […]

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Opinion: The Best—And Most Devastating—Strikeout Pitch In Baseball Is…

A blazing fastball, a 12-6 hammer or a nasty slide piece? These pitches are down right “nasty”. But, what is the most dominating pitch in Major League Baseball? It depends on, A. Who the pitcher is. B. How much command he has of the pitch. Experts say that a good fastball is the remedy to […]

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MLB Jewels! The Top Ten Baseball Ballparks You Need To Visit!

The days of the “cookie cutter” stadiums in Major League Baseball have been long gone. Newer, innovative stadiums with all the perks have taken over. When you look at it, most modern baseball stadiums have become more fan friendly these days. Whether you live on the East Coast, West Coast, the Deep South and Midwest, […]

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New York Yankees: Who Is The Greatest Bronx Bomber Of Them All?

The Bronx, New York has been center stage in quite a bit of baseball memories. The Yankee faithful have been through thick and thin since the days of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Derek Jeter. The question is… who is the greatest Yankee of all? Fans will tell you that there are so […]

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MLB: Is An Electronic Strike Zone Coming?

Cmon Blue!! That ball was outside!! Can we get some help Blue? Sound familiar? Yep, that’s the sounds of MLB dugouts arguing ball and strikes with umpires. The fact of the matter is, the umpires are getting worse each and every day. Now, being a former player myself, I never argued with any umpire when […]

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MLB Rivalries: The Top Five Most Bitter Baseball Blood Feuds

Let’s goooo Yankees, Go Cuuubs Go, Beat LA, Beat LA. Giiiiants suck, Giiiiants suck! Sound familiar? That’s right. Those are the chants of a heated rivalry. Make no mistake baseball fans all around the country have their preferences on which baseball team they bleed. We can sit here and name at least 20 so called […]

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2018 MLB Free Agent Frenzy: Who Are They And Where Will They Land?

With the 2018 MLB free agent class approaching, there’s plenty of questions surround the potential destinations of some big time superstars. Let’s get a rundown of the best 2 players at each position and where they should land. Catchers: Right off the bat all the free agent catchers are over 30 years of age. With […]

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San Francisco Giants May Get Bamgarner, Melancon Back Soon

Both San Francisco Giants pitchers Madison Bumgarner and Mark Melancon are getting closer to joining the team. The news couldn’t come soon enough. According to Bob Hille of The Sporting News, “The Giants saw progress on two fronts Thursday as ace Madison Bumgarner and closer Mark Melancon hit significant progress points in their return from […]

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Will Dee Gordon Fill In For Robinson Cano At Second Base?

When the Seattle Mariners acquired Dee Gordon from the Miami Marlins, it was assumed the former National League batting champion and All-Star second baseman would full that role with his new team. Not so fast my friends. With Robinson Cano already in the lineup and the Mariners needing help in the outfield, the team decided […]