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Houston Astros: Bold Offseason Taking Shape

2016 didn’t quite go according to plan for the Houston Astros. After reaching the American League Division Series in 2015, it was expected that they’d win the AL West and move forward in the playoffs last year. Needless to say, that’s not exactly what happened. Houston still finished the year with a very solid 84-78 […]

Houston Astros MLB Sports

MLB trade rumors: Houston Astros have interest in Carlos Beltran

It seems there happens to be a lot of interest in future Hall of Famer Carlos Beltran from the two Texas teams. According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, it seems that the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros both have expressed some interest in Carlos Beltran, who turns 40 in April. […]

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MLB All-Star Game: American League final vote candidates

As you would have become accustomed to, every year for the MLB All-Star Game there are five players from each league denoted as ‘Final Vote’ candidates. Essentially they position players who were unlucky to make the All-Star roster, and whose teams campaign constantly for you to vote for them. The player who finishes first from […]

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MLB: Astros 1B Tyler White Blasting Off In Houston

Nobody expected Tyler White to be a major league starter. The Houston Astros first baseman was a mere afterthought during the 2013 MLB Entry Draft, getting selected in the 33rd round. He’s now playing for an Astros team that has World Series aspirations, and it looks as if he will be a key contributor. The […]

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Down The Stretch: AL Playoff Predictions

Fast forward a month from August and that 4-game series with the Astros in Arlington were monumental for the Rangers. Not only did the Rangers sweep the Astros but they beat them differently in all 4 games and didn’t look back. Now here we sit in late September and the Rangers hold a 2.5 game […]

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Mike Fiers: Houston! We Have No-No Problems!

So, the Astros throw their first no-no in over a decade, and their first solo no-no since the late Darryl Kile in 1993. Of course the Dodgers have been no-hit by the Astros before, on September 26, 1981 when Nolan Ryan threw his 5th career no hitter. So why is that significant to the Dodgers? […]

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2015 MLB Trading Deadline: Winners and Losers

The 2015 MLB trade deadline as come and gone, and there was a whirlwind of movement made. Over the course of the last few weeks, leading up to and including the deadline date of July 31, there were a total of 43 trades made, with 29 of the 30 teams included (only the Diamondbacks were […]