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Miami Marlins attempt to fill Giancarlo Stanton’s void

As you may know, the Miami Marlins lost a significant part of their offense earlier this month when Giancarlo Stanton went down with a groin injury. Stanton hadn’t been producing quite as much at the plate in comparison to past seasons, but his 25 home runs and 70 RBIs were still a vital part of […]

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Philadelphia Phillies make positive steps towards future

The Philadelphia Phillies were never expected to be any good in 2016, but they’ve done a solid job of staying relevant for most of the season. As things stand, Philadelphia is at 59-68 and nine games back of a wild-card spot. That may not seem brilliant, but consider this: they sit ahead of the National […]

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Chicago White Sox’s stadium name is guaranteed to flop

It appears as if nothing is sacred in sports, and once again fans were reminded on Wednesday that sports are still a corporation, always looking to sell to the highest bidder. Over the past 20 years, as more stadium are being built across the country, corporations continue to use the as large-scale advertising, buying out […]

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New York Yankees: John Sterling’s 5 worst home run calls

If you are a fan of the New York Yankees and live in the New York Metropolitan area, you have probably gotten the chance to experience listening to John Sterling call one of their games on the radio. Well, I am a Yankees fan and live in New Jersey, so I have gotten my fair […]

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Texas Rangers release Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton is once again a free agent. It was reported on Tuesday by ESPN that the Texas Rangers have placed the injury prone outfielder on an unconditional release/ They left the chance of Hamilton possibly rejoining the team on a minor league deal in 2017. While unconditional releases are seen in baseball, it is […]

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Cincinnati Reds: Playoff dream killers?

After another down year, the Cincinnati Reds are leaving fans with a lingering thought.When are we going to be contenders again? The last 7 out of ten years the Reds have been Sub 500 and as a Reds fan it’s disappointing to see your team not live up to its potential. The Reds made a […]

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Albert Pujols ties Mark McGwire; the tale of two all-time greats

Mark McGwire. Albert Pujols. These two all-time greats have always been compared to each other back in their St. Louis years. McGwire’s last year, 2001, was also the first year of Albert Pujols’ dominant 11-year stretch. In 2001, the great “Big Mac” was trying his hardest to put an exclamation point at the end of […]