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New York Knicks

Why Carmelo Anthony leaving the New York Knicks is the right move

It seems that we may still see Carmelo Anthony leave New York. It was reported by Al Iannazzone of Newsday that Carmelo Anthony will think about leaving the Knicks if they decide to go in another direction. It’s very disappointing that the Knicks have been horrible, it seems that Carmelo Anthony is holding them back […]

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NBA Trade Rumors: Rajon Rondo and the Milwaukee Bucks are perfect fit

With the NBA Trade Deadline approaching the NBA Trade Rumors mill is buzzing loudly with reports that the Chicago Bulls and Rajon Rondo might wish to part ways. Rondo was brought in during the offseason to pair with Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler but so far the season has been a disappointment. The Bulls are floating around […]

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NBA Trade Rumors: The Philadelphia 76ers have the pieces for Jimmy Butler or Klay Thompson

It seems almost every day the Philadelphia 76ers are involved in some sort of NBA Trade Rumors and rightfully so. They are the building a great foundation of young talent but the issue with the 76ers is, they may have too much talent. In order for the team to move forward, they must move one of their […]

Los Angeles Lakers
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Los Angeles Lakers The Glamour is Gone

On Sunday the Los Angeles Lakers made history. However, this history was not made in a good way. The suffered a defeat to the hands of the Dallas Mavericks. This was not just a defeat, this was the largest defeat in the team’s 70-year history. What has happened to this once hallowed franchise?Where has the […]

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NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls shopping Rajon Rondo and Nikola Mirotic?

With the NBA trade deadline looming around the corner, there are reports that the Chicago Bulls are looking at making some roster moves to help them make a possible run in the second half of the NBA season. According to sources, the Bulls have been shopping around guard Rajon Rondo and forward Nikola Mirotic. However, […]

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NBA Trade Rumors: A Ricky Rubio for Reggie Jackson deal works for Timberwolves, Pistons

As we draw closer to the NBA Trade Deadline there will be countless rumors surrounding some of the game’s top players and teams. Well, NBA Trade Rumors are buzzing this week that the Minnesota Timberwolves are shopping PG Ricky Rubio. It’s about time as Rubio has been a disappointment pretty much his entire NBA career. But, […]

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Sacramento Kings: How the Rudy Gay injury changes everything

The Sacramento Kings made two huge mistakes this season. The first was not trading Rudy Gay when they had the chance and the second was actually winning games. With reports that Gay tore his Achilles the Kings will be without his services for possibly the rest of the season. Gay was the first top name to […]